How many people play Lost Ark? Player count in 2022

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Lost Ark has finally reached players worldwide, and the MMO has exploded in popularity. Read on to find out how many people play Lost Ark in 2022.

Lost Ark initially launched in certain territories way back in 2019, but it’s taken some time to be localized for western audiences.

The gaming world stood still for it’s launch to the English speaking world on February 11. The game was getting thousands of players before that thanks to Founder’s Packs – premium editions of the free-to-play game that provide bonus content and early access.

After the rapid rise and fall of New World though, Lost Ark continues to smash records and holds itself as the premier MMO — in terms of players — in 2022.

The numbers are in, and offer some startling month-to-month comparisons. Here’s just how many people play Lost Ark in 2022.


Deadeye class Lost Ark
Lost Ark’s flashy combat has clearly been a hit with fans already.

Lost Ark total players

While there’s not an official player counter, Amazon and Smilegate have announced the game passed 20 million players as of March 8. It comes after the game reached a peak of 1,324,761 concurrent players on launch day for the western world.

Of that 20 million, 4.7 million joined in the first three days of its Western release, with more than 10 million players hailing from outside of South Korea.

Lost Ark player count in 2022

As for the Lost Ark concurrent player count in 2022, the developers have a lot to smile about.

According to Steamcharts, the game’s all-time peak is 1,324,761, which was hit on February 11. It puts it second behind PUBG as the second-highest peak concurrent players ever achieved on Steam.

Featuring record numbers in both player count and viewership, Lost Ark retained its title as the most popular game on Twitch that same month, beating out staples like GTA V and League of Legends.

Throughout April, however, Lost Ark noticed its first significant drop-off since the February heights. With an average of 354,897 players throughout the month. Holding strong numbers in comparison to the speed that New World fell off from its 900,000 peak.

That’s all we know about how many people play Lost Ark in 2022. For more on the game, be sure to check out the following guides at Dexerto.

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