Is Lost Ark down? Server tracker, maintenance & connection time out fix

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Server Status Lost Ark

As with any MMO, Lost Ark’s servers can occasionally go down for maintenance or due to a backend issue, so staying up to date with the game’s server status is essential – and luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Journeying through the world of Lost Ark solo or with a group is incredibly fun, and with a huge amount of content waiting at the endgame, there’s plenty for players to check out while exploring the land of Arkesia.

However, as with every online game, Lost Ark isn’t immune to server issues or connection problems that affect the community’s ability to play the game.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to these problems to try out, as well as a way of tracking the game’s server status for every single region.


Lost Ark server status

Lost Ark Server Status
Lost Ark was officially released on February 11, 2022.

As of June 16, 2022, all of Lost Ark’s servers and regions are currently down for maintenance, according to Smitegate’s server status tracker on the game’s site. The scheduled maintenance began at 12am PT, 9am CEST, and 8am GMT and is estimated to last up to 4 hours. 

The weekly update will implement the following changes:

  • Add an additional track for 5 days of new login rewards.
  • Extend the end date of the Wild Wings Island Event by one week, as well as related reward item expiration dates.

How to fix connection time out in Lost Ark

Shortly after Lost Ark’s early access period began on February 8, 2022, players started experiencing an issue on Steam while attempting to unpack and download Smilegate’s MMO.

It wasn’t long before the devs acknowledged the issue and revealed that the problem was on Valve’s end and they were working on resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

They quickly confirmed that they were seeing “improvements” in players being able to access the game and were no longer receiving the connection time-out error.

If you’re still getting the connection time-out error while trying to download the game, make sure to reboot Steam and ensure you have enough space on your PC.

After that, if the issue persists, perform a fresh reinstall of the game and it should stop the error from occurring. Of course, it’s worth noting that Smitgate has revealed it’s a problem with Steam, not with players, so it’s possible it may just be a case of waiting for it to be fixed.

Why won’t Lost Ark download?

Lost Ark won't download
Unlike the connection error, some players simply cannot download the game.

Unlike the connection time-out error, some players just simply cannot download Lost Ark without it stopping and starting repeatedly. While it’s likely this issue is on Steam’s end, it may help to set Lost Ark’s updates to high priority on Steam:

  1. Head to your Library on Steam
  2. Right-click Lost Ark and click Properties
  3. Navigate to the Updates tab
  4. Head to the top drop-down menu and select ‘High Priority

Keep in mind, although this will always ensure Lost Ark is prioritized over other titles in terms of updates and downloads, it’s not going to fix an issue if it’s on Valve’s end. Of course, if all else fails, again it’s worth reinstalling the game or Steam itself just to make sure everything is in order.

Why won’t Lost Ark launch?

Lost Ark Wardancer class
Lost Ark early access began on February 8.

After downloading and unpacking Lost Ark, some players are being met with a black screen that never loads.

While the devs haven’t made a statement on this issue, it’s worth making sure your computer isn’t running too many programs at the same time, causing the game to freeze and not respond.

Make sure to open Task Manager before launching Lost Ark and ensure you’ve deleted or closed down any unwanted processes using a lot of CPU usage.

So, there you have, that’s everything you need to know about Lost Ark’s server status and errors affecting the game’s playerbase. Don’t forget to check out our Lost Ark guides below to make the most out of your experience!

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