Lost Ark Powerpass guide: How to get & use the Power Pass

lost ark martial artist class wardancerSmilegate RPG

Wondering how to use the Powerpass in Lost Ark? Here’s a rundown of what it does and how to get the most out of it, as well as what to expect from the all-new Feiton Powerpass.

As Smilegate RPG’s Lost Ark continues to defy the odds and grow in numbers, the devs are adding new Advanced Classes and locations at the speed of light.

Accompanying the game‘s highly anticipated April Update is the Feiton Powerpass, a unique spin on the original; a feature that has left hosts of players scratching their heads due to the distinct lack of in-game information on it.

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So, here’s how to use Lost Ark’s Powerpass, as well as the Feiton version, and what you can expect them to do.


lost ark ship sailing into distanceSmilegate RPG
The shores of Arkesia await, but how will you carve your fate?

What is the Lost Ark Powerpass?

In short, the Powerpass is a boost that allows players to automatically level a character to 50. This allows you to level another class relatively quickly, instead of grinding through all of the main story.

While the in-game description is pretty bare-bones, a breakdown of the item on the title’s official Steam notes that the feature “is to aid fast progression for alt characters so that the users can enjoy the contents with the various classes.”

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How to get Lost Ark’s Powerpass

If you’re looking to experiment with all of Arkesia’s different heroes, the Powerpass will be your best friend. Just how do you get one, though?

  1. You must complete the Main Quest (Ealyn’s Gift.)
  2. Check your in-game mail.
  3. You will now have a Vern Powerpass Token, which can be used by a new character to boost to the post-Vern section of the game.
lost ark powerpass screenSmilegate RPG
The Powerpass screen doesn’t tell players all that much – that’s why we’re here!

How to use the Lost Ark Powerpass

Once you’ve obtained this elusive item you’ll obviously want to make full use of it. In order to do so:

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  1. Select the character you want to boost.
  2. Click the yellow button at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Use your Powerpass.
  4. You will then have to complete the “Adventurer’s Path” quest, which encompasses levels 10 – 50.
  5. Completing this will equip your character with all of the gear needed for the endgame content.
lost ark delain assassin class walks towards cameraSmilegate RPG
An all-new pass has emerged from the shadows, and its focus is on Feiton.

Lost Ark: Feiton Powerpass

As players may recall from our Travel Guide, Feiton is the home of the mysterious Delain, the half-demon Assassins. Engulfed in toxic fumes, this location is one of the hardest to unlock at the moment, but thankfully the devs are here to help.

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If you’ve already completed Feiton’s main questline, ‘Will’, or are close to doing so, from April 21 to June 30 you will receive a Feiton Powerpass.

Working the same way as the Vern equivalent, you’ll be able to boost a new character to that point in the game, earning level 960 gear in the process.

You can only make use of the pass until June 30, though, as it expires after that; so be sure to make the best of it!

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So that’s everything you need to know about Lost Ark’s Powerpass! Looking to decimate dungeons in style? Be sure to check out our other Lost Ark guides:

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