Lost Ark Providence Stones: What are they & how to farm quickly

Lauren Bergin
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Lost Ark’s Providence Stones are some of the game’s most sought after items, so here’s what they are, how to use them, and how to farm them quickly in order to build rapport.

While Arkesia’s shores have been welcoming Korean players since 2018, finally the Lost Ark hype has hit the West, with MMORPG and dungeon crawler fans alike all diving in.

As you traverse the universe‘s lush valleys and snowcapped mountain ranges, you’ll find a whole spectrum of items that can help you on your journey to greatness.

One of the most important trinkets that you’ll find scattered around are Lost Ark’s Providence Stones, so  here’s what they are, how to use them and, most importantly, how to farm them.


lost ark providence stones in inventory
Providence Stones are one of Lost Ark’s special currencies, but just what do they do?

What are Lost Ark’s Providence Stones?

Providence Stones serve one purpose in Lost Ark – they are used to buy rapport items. What are those? Well, rapport items are exclusive gifts that can be given to your NPC sweethearts.

Whether Prideholme’s stunning innkeeper Neria is the woman of your dreams (just don’t let her cook for you), or they mysterious Gideon has won your heart, you can trade Providence Stones to Nada or Travelling Merchants for some meaningful trinkets that’ll make them fall head over heels for you.

Described as “an elegant rose-colored stone” and shaped like a heart, the lore claims that the tiny pink rock “symbolizes new relationships.”

lost ark neria speaks to hero
Neria is one of the game’s most adorable characters – just watch out for her cooking…

Where to get Providence Stones in Lost Ark

If you’re interested in sparking up a love interest with one of your NPC colleagues, you’ll need to go on the hunt for some of these little heart shaped stones.

While there’s no set way of getting these, they can largely be found dropping from Elite and Alpha monsters, as well as from bosses. Of course, they can drop from chests and random loot as well, but the odds are largely against it.

How to farm Providence Stones quickly

Have you chosen to wear your heart on your sleeve? Well then, you’re going to need a lot of Providence Stones – and you’ll need them now.

The fastest way to farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark is to:

  1. Seek out Elite and Alpha enemies: These are denoted by the orange hue around them, so make sure you’re defeating plenty of them in order to score some Stones.
  2. Partake in sudden quests: As you scour Arkesia’s plains, you may get pulled into random quests along the way. Denoted in red, these largely ask you to kill vast numbers of enemies within a small area. Some of them may drop Providence Stones.
  3. Complete quests: Double check any quests you haven’t done yet just in case you’ll be rewarded a Stone for your efforts.
  4. Conquer dungeons: Doing certain questions within different dungeons also rewards you with Providence stones. These are:
    • Ancient Elveria (Quest: Sigmund’s Whereabouts)
    • Frostpeak Temple (Quest: Wolves at the Sanctum)
    • Gorgon’s Nest (Quest: Qualifications to Enter Balankar)
    • Maze of Mirrors (Quest: Blinding Fog)
    • Night of Walpurgis (Quest: Repair the Magic Barrier)
    • Phantom Palace (Quest: Elzowin’s Defender)
    • Realm of Elementals (Quest: Fallen Flamekeeper)
    • Vrad’s Hideout (Quest: Finding Vrad)

So that’s how to get Providence Stones in Lost Ark! Looking to bring peace to Arkesia and etch yourself into the annals of history? Here’s all of our Lost Ark guides:

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