Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo boss: Location, item level, spawn rate & how to beat

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The Chaotic Chuo is one of Lost Ark‘s most fearsome Field Bosses, but where is its spawn location, and just how do you beat it? Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know.

Amid the emerald pastures and glistening salt plains of Lost Ark‘s spectacular Arkesia lurk a whole plethora of fearsome foes just looking to take a chunk out of your hero or heroine.

One of these is the Chaotic Chuo, a Chinese-inspired lion with a taste for human blood. Lurking in the bowels of Smilegate’s sprawling universe and waiting for an opportunity to pounce, defeating this monsterous Field Boss can net you a wealth of treasures.

So, here’s where to find Lost Ark’s Chaotic Chuo and beat it at its own game – but be prepared for a fight, because it doesn’t go down easy.


lost ark characters fighting a dragon
From the depths of Arkesia crawl some of Lost Ark’s most fearsome creatures.

Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo: Location & spawn rate

The Chaotic Chuo can be found in the Spring of Echoes at Melody Forest (Annika) as part of a limited-time Raid event. You’re best taking the triport to Cloud Valley, then heading northeast.

This event rotates every two to three days, with the boss having a massive respawn time between defeats. You can always use your Procyon’s Compass (in game calendar) to check when this fearsome creature will be available to fight.

lost ark chaotic chuo location spawn
The Chaotic Chuo lurks at the heart of the Spring of Echoes.

Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo: Item level (iLevel) requirement

In order to take on the Chaotic Chuo you’ll need an Item Level of above 380. You will also have to defeat the regular Chuo first, which can be found in the vicinity of Jeok’s Barrier.

Until you’ve sorted these prerequisites, the boss will remain invulnerable and your character will not be able to attack it.

How to beat Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark

As the creature’s description says, the Chaotic Chuo is simply the demonic iteration of the age-old guardian after it was consumed by the dark energy it sought to protect Arkesia from. Hiding itself away from the world in order to protect it, the Field Boss incorporates the abilities of the original Chuo but with an ominous twist.

Below are the abilities for the Chaotic Chuo, and how to counter them:

Attack What it does Counter
Portal AoE The Chuo will rear up and create purple portals on the ground, which explode when he returns to all fours When the Chuo rears up, avoid the circular AoE markers on the ground to avoid taking massive damage
Slam The Chuo will jump, dropping down whilst dealing moderate damage and pushing players away When the Chuo jumps, get out of the slam radius
Energy Balls The Chuo charges up, throwing out six energy balls that deal moderate damage Either try to stagger the boss as it charges, or simply avoid the energy balls
Energy Blast The Chuo charges up, dealing three separate AoE attacks in three progressive rings. If you are caught in a ring, you will be pushed into the next one, dealing constant damage Either try to stagger the boss as it charges, or move out of the radius of the attack
Spikes The Chuo jumps off of the battlefield, then pushes spikes up from the ground, instantly killing anyone close to him As soon as you see the Chuo jump out of vision, move as far away from him as you can
Breath The Chuo creates a conical area in front of him, breathing an energy blast at players Move out of the conical area
Charge A straight line will appear in front of the Chuo, which it will then charge in line with, doing damage to anything in its way Avoid the rectangular area and reposition behind the boss to attack it

Chaotic Chuo rewards

Defeating the Chaotic Chuo will net you an Adventurer’s Tome Reward and objective, as well as a collection of high-level items. One of these is guaranteed to be of Epic rarity.

So that’s everything you need to know about the Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark. Looking to stay one step ahead of the competition? Be sure to check out our dedicated guides:

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