How to beat Achates Guardian raid boss in Lost Ark: Tips & rewards

Lauren Bergin
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Lost Ark‘s Achates is one of the game’s Guardian raid bosses, meaning you’ll be in for the fight of your life. Here’s how to beat this feline foe, as well as what you’ll need to take it on.

As you traverse the spectacular shores of Lost Ark‘s expansive universe of Arkesia, you’ll have to fight your way through some pretty fearsome foes to bring about the end of the demonic scourge devouring everything in its path.

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From the once-mighty Chaotic Chuo to the mysterious ghost ships that haunt the stormy seas, there’s a lot standing in your way.

Add to that list Achates, the Guardian raid boss, a feisty feline just waiting to hunt you down. Struggling to tame this terrifying creature? Here’s a rundown of everything you need to beat the Achates in Lost Ark, as conditions you’ll need to meet to face it.


lost ark achates guardian raid boss fightSmilegate RPG
Taking down the Achates is a pretty difficult task, but we’re here to help you out.

How to unlock Achates in Lost Ark

In order to enter the lion’s den, you’ll need to have unlocked the Guardian Raids. These are made available as soon as you hit Level 50.

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Achates is the Level 3 Raid Boss, making it incredibly powerful. You will need an Item Level of 920 in order to take on this boss, so ensure that your gear is up to scratch before challenging it.

If you’ve met all of the prerequisites, then you’ll have to:

  1. Finish the Chaos Dungeon guide quest
  2. Complete the “Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate” quest in North Vern
  3. Queue up for a Guardian Raid by going to the Red Flag minimap marker in any major city
  4. You will have to beat the Level 1 and 2 bosses before taking on Achates

How to beat Achates in Lost Ark

Achates has a slew of different abilities that players will need to fend off in order to score themselves the victory.

Below are all of the Raid Boss’ abilities, as well as how to avoid taking damage from them:

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Ability What it does How to counter
Annihilation When enraged, Achates gathers energy and pulls players in. Anyone caught is one shot As soon as Achates begins to charge up, run, but be sure to avoid the surrounding light orbs
Stone Statues After losing 20 HP, Achates will teleport to the center of the arena and become invincible. From here, he will spawn up to four stone statues which, when he destroys them, grant him a shield of different colors. Throw two of the same color stones at the shields to break them, then attack Achates’ wings
Power Up Achates gathers energy into his wings so that he can use his wing attacks This is when Achatos is most vulnerable, so attack!
Roar Achates roars, applying an Attack Power Debuff Stagger the boss as soon as he starts to roar
Curse Achates will place a blue and red curse on two players The players must move together for a short time to break the curse. If the curse isn’t broken, the player with the red curse will take damage over time until they die
Earthquake The Guardian slams on the ground once and summons cross shaped rifts below and around him. After a slight delay, he will slam once more and cause the rifts to explode Avoid standing in the cracks
Wing Attack Achates lifts up and flaps his wings to deal damage and knock up everyone below him Move as far away from the attack radius as possible as soon as he flaps his wings
Flying Charge Achates charges at a player. If he disappears, he will attack the same player again The first can be dodged, but the second is harder to avoid. Wait two seconds from his disappearance and then dodge perpendicular to the original flight path
Light Explosions Two or three light explosions will happen around Achates Stay away from Achates, and if the light explosions target the player dodge out of them
Breath Achates breathes on a target, leaving them with the Scorch debuff Dodge to the right, left, or towards Achates. If he breathes backwards, go in the opposite direction.
Light Field Fires multiple different conical hail AOEs in a circle around its body. Dodge out of the cones as soon as they appear.
Scorch Mark Two players are caught in an enclosing ring which creates a firey field below whichever it touches first You cannot avoid this, so take the ring to the edge of the battlefield away from others, then dodge out as hits


Defeating this legendary beast will net you a whole host of rewards, including the likes of:

  • Tier 2 Accessories, Ability Stone, Upgrade Material
  • Cards
  • Runes
  • Engraving Books

So that’s everything you need to know to beat Achates in Lost Ark, as well as what rewards are on offer for emerging victorious. Looking to etch yourself into the Arkesian history books? Be sure to check out our other Lost Ark guides:

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