How many people are playing Palworld? Player count tracker

James Lynch
A player tends to their flock of pals in Palworld on the hunt for Paldium Fragments

We don’t think anyone expected Palworld to accumulate players as quickly as it has since its launch in January 2024. The game has grown in spectacular fashion, shocking audiences and critics alike. Here is the current player count for Palworld in March 2024.

Palworld’s signature combination of survival, crafting, and creature-collection mechanics is so appealing that the game has rocketed through the Steam charts at a breakneck pace. Players are having a blast building intricate bases and capturing more than 100 Pals to fill out their Paldeck.

Pals occupy the game world and can be captured in order to have them work on the base or participate in battles. With all of that going on, it has become a race to explore everything the game has to offer at this Early Access stage.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the player count for Palworld as of March 2024.

Palworld factories
Palworld’s player population is astounding.

Palworld player count: Total players

Pocketpair recently shared that Palworld has reached more than 25 million players in total. Available across both Steam and Xbox Game Pass, the combination of these two platforms has led to a tremendous boom in players.

The split appears to be more than 15 million playing Palworld on Steam and over 10 Million playing on Xbox Game Pass. These numbers make Palworld the most successful third-party launch on Xbox Game Pass according to Microsoft.

Palworld player count: Concurrent players

In the week following its launch, Palworld consistently broke records for concurrent player on Steam as it rose through the charts. At the time of writing, Palworld’s highest peak concurrent player count sits at a whopping 2,101,867.

This technically makes Palworld the most-played paid game ever on Steam after beating juggernauts like Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, and Hogwarts Legacy. It should be noted that while PUBG: Battlegrounds hit its peak player count of 3,257,248 before it became free to play. It just doesn’t appear on the paid charts anymore.

An exact number of peak concurrent players exploring Palworld on Xbox Game Pass is unknown due to the lack of a public data tracker. Microsoft has revealed that the average concurrent player count of Palworld on Xbox consistently exceeds 3 million players.

Since February, Palworld has seen a steady decline in player base. Of course this isn’t much of a problem as a single player title, with many jumping into the game, having their share of fun and then leaving the game to other titles.

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