How many people play Elder Scrolls Online? Player count in 2023

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Elder Scrolls Online is an extensive MMORPG that’s going strong for just under a decade now – but is it still popular? How many people still play Elder Scrolls Online in 2023? We’ve got all the answers here.

MMORPGs like Elder Scrolls Online can often go from incredibly popular to completely dead after a few years. However, with many updates, new classes, and DLCs constantly surrounding this open-world experience, it’s clear that Elder Scrolls Online is far from dying.

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So, how many people are actually playing Elder Scrolls Online in November 2023? We’ve got an estimate of the monthly and daily count, including where it sits against similar MMOs like Guild Wars 2, Destiny 2, and World of Warcraft.


Elder Scrolls Online MorrowindZenimax
Morrowind was an extremely popular chapter, introducing many new players.

How many people play Elder Scrolls Online: Monthly count

Thanks to, which is solely an estimate, we can see that in the last 30 days from October 7, 2023, an average of 4,103,057 players logged into Elder Scrolls Online.

This is significantly a larger increase in numbers from September 2023, after a minor decrease in players from August.

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How many people play Elder Scrolls Online: Daily count

According to MMO Population, which is again an estimate based on subscribers, we can assume that around 256,000 players log into Elder Scrolls Online per day.

The number of monthly players extends to just under 5 million players, but the Daily count gives us a better idea of the popularity of this extensive MMO.

Elder Scrolls Online’s population compared to competitors

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Elder Scrolls might not be the most popular MMO but it still holds its own.

So, while those numbers prove Elder Scrolls Online is anything but a dying MMO, it’s still best to look at the game’s performance based on other popular MMOs.

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So, here’s ESO’s total player count compared to other similar games.

MMORPGTotal Player Count (Millions)
Elder Scrolls Online22.50
Guild Wars 218.24
Final Fantasy XIV Online43.12
Destiny 244.01
World of Warcraft126.54

That’s the Elder Scrolls Online population and player count for 2023. While loading up your game, take a look at some of our other Elder Scrolls Online guides and content:

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