Lost Ark Pirate Coins: How to farm fast & where to spend them

Lauren Bergin
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Pirate Coins are an essential part of naval gameplay in Lost Ark, so here’s how to get them, farm them fast, and where you can spend them. 

Lost Ark has finally thrown open the shores of Arkesia to western players, and has already accumulated an ever-expanding playerbase who are desperate to uncover the secrets of this spectacular new world.

Just as with many other MMORPGs, the game has a plethora of different currencies which can be traded to a variety of merchants for a slew of upgraded items. From the sweet-smelling Mokoko Seeds to the heart-shaped Providence Stones, there’s a lot to get your head around.

As you hurtle towards the endgame and unlock naval transportation, you’ll need Pirate Coins to help you sail off into the sunset in style. So, here’s how to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark, and how to farm them quickly to speed up your travels.


lost ark ships sailing towards and island with a whale
One of the best parts about Lost Ark’s end game is travelling to Arkesia’s island territories.

What are Pirate Coins in Lost Ark?

If you’re looking to take to the high seas during your Lost Ark adventure, you’ll need Pirate Coins to get by. This elusive currency is used to upgrade all-things naval; from your crew to your ship.

How to farm Pirate Coins fast in Lost Ark

In order to progress to different islands, you’ll need to ensure everything is shipshape (get it?) before you set sail. This will obviously require a treasure chest full of Pirate Coins.

Thankfully obtaining them is relatively easy, and our recommended farming methods are below:

  • Join Marine Events: Marine Events are regularly scheduled and can be accessed using the Stopwatch panel while you’re at sea. They can be found using the ‘Voyage‘ tab, and usually reward Pirate Coins upon completion.
  • Defeat Ghost Ships: Ghost Ships are a subsection of the Marine Events. Destroying these will earn players Pirate Coins, as well as a whole trove of other goodies.
  • Complete Una’s Tasks: Completing the eight daily/weekly Una’s Tasks can net you a whole collection of Pirate Coins.
  • Doing Procyon’s Compass Islands: Completing the Islands that spawn during the Procyon’s Compass limited time events (denoted by a pink palm tree) will reward you with Pirate Coins.
  • Fishing: Sometimes when you’re out fishing, you may pull up a sack of Pirate Coins by accident (although it’s a very fortunate accident).
  • Trading in other coins: Coins such as Gienah’s Coin, Arcturus’s Coin, Sceptrum’s Coin, Ancient Coin, and Sun Coins can be traded to the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel for Pirate Coins.
lost ark pirate ship
Ever wanted to live out your oceanic fantasy? Pirate Coins are essential to doing just that.

What can you buy with Pirate Coins?

Having all of these treasures saved up is great, but what’s cash if you can’t spend it? You can trade Pirate Coins with any merchant ship you encounter (denoted by a blue ‘[Trading line]’ label) for a vast array of materials.

While there are far too many to list here, you can check out the full list of purchasable items using The Games Cabin’s database.

So that’s how to score yourself some sweet, sweet Pirate Coins in Lost Ark. Looking for some more tips and tricks to help you etch yourself into the Arkesian history books? Be sure to check out our dedicated guides:

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