Bloons TD6: Best 5 heroes to clear rounds in BTD6

art for bloons td6 featuring multiple heroesDexerto, Ninja Kiwi

Choosing the best hero in BTD6 is essential to help rack up those wins, but knowing which one to pick can be quite confusing initially. That’s where our guide comes in, as we’ve got everything you need to know about which hero is best to pick in Bloons TD6.

Heroes are special kinds of towers in Bloons TD6 that have their own unique personalities, abilities, attacks, and even voice lines. However, choosing the best heroes in BTD6 will definitely require a little bit of prior experience in the game.

Having said that, our guide will help you to understand just what each hero’s function is in the game, allowing you to make a more informed decision about your strategies going forward.

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Without any further ado, let’s dive in and check out the best heroes that you can pick in BTD6.


in-game screenshot of btd6 showing some heroesNinja Kiwi
It’s crucial to strategize and pick the best hero for a situation in BTD6.

All heroes in Bloons TD6

BTD6 features a total of 14 heroes with Geraldo being the latest one to join the ranks in update 31.0. However, it has been quite a while since the release of a new hero, and the developers could be planning to introduce a surprise early in 2023. Having said that, below, we’ve listed exactly when and how you’ll be able to unlock them in the game.

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Hero How to unlock
Quincy During the tutorial
Gwendolin Level 14
Striker Jones Level 21
Obyn Greenfoot Level 28
Captain Churchill 2,500 in-game currency
Benjamin 3,000 in-game currency
Ezili 3,000 in-game currency
Pat Fusty 3,000 in-game currency
Adora 5,000 in-game currency
Admiral Brickell 5,000 in-game currency
Etienne 5,000 in-game currency
Sauda 5,000 in-game currency
Psi 5,000 in-game currency
Geraldo (Added in update 31.0) 5,000 in-game currency

Best heroes to use in Bloons TD6

Each hero’s abilities in BTD6 are fairly situational, and as such, it’s best to be aware of when you should be using someone in the play. Here’s a detailed rundown of some of the best heroes that you should use in Bloons TD6 for your in-game strategies.

5. Sauda – The Swordmaster

Sauda is by default an excellent crowd-control hero, however, she comes into her real element with the help of her abilities, Leaping Sword Attack and Sword Charge.

Both of Sauda’s abilities allow her to take down massive waves of Bloons without facing much trouble. On top of this, Sauda can also detect Camo Bloons, making her an extremely efficient hero choice in BTD6.

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4. Benjamin – The Code Monkey

Despite being a fairly passive hero in BTD6, Benjamin is capable of earning money and extra lives for you while sitting on his computer. Benjamin’s abilities include Biohack and Syphon Funding, each of which provides indirect perks and benefits to your team.

Benjamin is perfect for strategies that rely heavily on money, as the monkey also generates an additional rate of interest for Monkey Banks.

art for bloons td6 featuring multiple in-game heroesNinja Kiwi
Choosing the best heroes in BTD6 can help you easily get past swarms of Bloons.

3. Obyn Greenfoot – The Forest Guardian

Being the last hero in the game who can be unlocked for free, Obyn Greenfoot features excellent synergy with Druids. The hero’s abilities include Brambles and Wall of Trees, making him an essential cornerstone for magic-based defensive strategies.

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Obyn’s basic attacks are also capable of penetrating walls, thus making him an ideal choice for various scenarios in the game.

2. Psi – The Psionic Monkey

Despite coming across as an underwhelming hero at the beginning, Psi’s capabilities in BTD6 are undoubtedly one of the strongest in the game. Psi’s abilities are Psychic Blast and Psionic Scream, both of which are extremely useful in taking out swarms of Bloons.

However, Psi becomes absolutely fearsome after hitting level 20 and upgrading their Psionic Scream. Using this ability after Psi hits level 20 will freeze and instantaneously eliminate all enemies on the screen, making him one of the best heroes to pick in Bloons TD6 in the current meta.

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1. Etienne – The Drone Operator

Etienne is a tiny little monkey who uses his drones to shoot at incoming Bloons. Like most heroes in the game, Etienne features two abilities, Drone Swarm and UCAV. However, the hero’s main bonuses come from his non-ability level-ups during the course of a match.

Etienne grants special abilities to all towers when he reached level eight. These abilities allow regular towers to detect Camo Bloons. Additionally, Etienne’s UCAV ability becomes permanent at level 20, granting boosts to the summoned unit to pop all types of Bloons whenever activated. Needless to say, Etienne is the best hero currently available in the game and is definitely a huge asset for most in-game strategies.

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art for bloons td6 featuring in-game heroesNinja Kiwi
Etienne, Psi, and Obyn should be your go-to heroes in BTD6 for an exciting experience.

New and upcoming heroes in Bloons TD6

Apart from the 14 heroes currently available in the BTD6, the developer has yet to confirm the next hero that will be released along with the next major update for the game. As was revealed in the patch notes for version 30.0, the new hero, Geraldo, was released with update 31.00.

Geraldo is a Mystic Shopkeeper who specializes in helping your team as a support unit. However, as to who the next Hero after Geraldo might be in Bloons: TD6, we will have to wait until an official announcement from the developer. With some time having passed since the release of update 34.2, make sure to check back soon for more details as they are being revealed.

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So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the best available heroes in Bloons TD6.

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