Clash Royale star levels & Star Points explained – What do they do?


Upgrading the star levels for your Clash Royale cards using Star Points is a fun little way of flaunting higher-level cosmetics on the in-game characters. However, there are a few points that you should remember when upgrading your Clash Royale Star Levels.

Star Points, used to upgrade Clash Royale Star Levels, are unlocked once you reach King Level 6. However, acquiring enough Star Points to upgrade every character card to its highest level is a very time-consuming process. Therefore, we highly recommend that you upgrade the Star Levels only for those cards which you use extensively in your decks.

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Not all cards can be upgraded to level two or level three, with some maxing out at two stars, and others at one. However, the release of more Clash Royale star levels is expected to happen with future updates. Until that happens, star level three is the highest level available for only a few specific characters in the game.

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art for clash royale featuring the kingSupercell
Regular updates mean that star levels and Star Points in Clash Royale could undergo changes in the future

How to earn Star Points in Clash Royale

There are two very specific methods of earning Star Points in Clash Royale. Once your profile reaches King Level 6, you will have a chance to receive them from chests that you open.

The number of Star Points that you can receive from chests varies upon the rarity of the card that grants you points. Here’s a chart that shows the number of Star Points you can earn depending on the rarity of the card you receive it from:

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Card Rarity Star Points
Common 1
Rare 10
Epic 100
Legendary 1000

Apart from chests, you can also collect them by simply tapping on your XP bar and toggling it for Star Points. By using this method, you will be able to claim Star Points whenever you donate and upgrade cards.

How to upgrade Clash Royale star levels

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow to upgrade the Star Levels for specific cards. These steps are:

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  • Launch Clash Royale and head over to the Cards tab.
  • Select the specific card whose Star Level you wish to upgrade.
  • Once on this page, you will be able to see an upgrade option using Star Points.
  • If you have the required amount of Star Points, you will be able to upgrade the star level of that specific card by clicking on the button.
cropped screenshot from clash royale marking the star level upgrade buttonSupercell
This is how you can upgrade star levels in Clash Royale.

However, it is extremely important to note that having the required number of Star Points is the basic requirement to upgrade a card’s star level.

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What do Clash Royale star levels reward?

Star levels in Clash Royale are purely for cosmetic purposes. This means, upgrading a specific card’s star level will only alter their in-game visual appearance and nothing else.

Other than that, you will need a specific amount of Star Points to upgrade a card’s star level to a specific point. Having said that, the cost of Star Points is the same for every card at any given specific level. Here’s a chart that shows how many Star Points you will need to upgrade at which level.

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Star Level Star Points Required Card Level Required
1 5,000 7
2 10,000 10
3 20,000 13

Considering the methods available to get S, you shouldn’t have to wait for too long before upgrading the star levels for specific cards.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to about the Clash Royale star levels and Star Points.

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