All Geometry Dash levels: What are the hardest levels & demons

A screenshot of the menu screen in Geometry DashRobTop Games

Going through all the levels in Geometry Dash is not only exciting but also an extremely daunting task. Featuring some of the toughest levels for a mobile game, we have got you covered with all the information about the hardest ones in Geometry Dash.

Developed by RobTop Games, Geometry Dash features a total of 21 official levels that pose a tremendous challenge for the player. Apart from the official levels, the game features millions of player-made levels that can be found online.

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Despite featuring extremely hard gameplay, the game offers rather simple controls and in-game mechanics. This makes the game fairly simple to get started with, even for new players. With that being said, our list of all levels in Geometry Dash and the hardest ones you come across will help you to know exactly what’s in store when you next play.


a screenshot showing one of Geometry Dash's levelsRobTop Games
Surviving through the levels in Geometry Dash can be very difficult

All levels in Geometry Dash

Level Number Level Name
1 Stereo Madness
2 Back on Track
3 Polargeist
4 Dry Out
5 Base After Base
6 Jumper
7 Cant Let Go
8 Time Machine
9 Cycles
10 Blast Processing
11 Xstep
12 Electroman Adventures
13 Theory Of Everything
14 Geometrical Dominator
15 Clutterfunk
16 Hexagon Force
17 Fingerdash
18 Electrodynamix
19 Clubstep
20 Deadlocked
21 Theory of Everything 2

Hardest level in Geometry Dash

With 21 official levels and millions of player-made ones, Geometry Dash has lots of content to offer. While the game’s official levels can be quite the challenge themselves, the real test comes when you try out the content made by the community.

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That being said, and with so much content available, narrowing down the hardest level in the game is no easy feat. Below, we’ve curated a list of the top ten hardest levels to put your skills to the ultimate test:

Ten hardest levels

Level Name Designed by
Slaughterhouse icedcave
Sakupen Circles Diamond
Tartarus Dolphy
Sonic Wave Infinity APTeamOfficial
Zodiac Bianox
Hard Machine Kemp
Renevant nikroplays
Promethean Endlevel
Crimson Planet TrueOmega
Firework Trick
screenshot for Geometry Dash's in-game visualsRobTop Games
A few tips and tricks can massively help you to get through Geometry Dash in a flash.

How to cross levels easily in Geometry Dash

If you’re finding yourself in hot water more times than you can count, make sure to consider these tips and tricks to help stand a better chance at crossing a particularly tough level a little easier:

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  • Try and synchronize your movements according to the music beats.
  • Try to not lose your calm and stay composed, especially during crunch moments.
  • If you’re struggling to complete a particular level, take a break and come back to it later.

Keeping these simple tips and tricks in mind will definitely make crossing through the levels a lot easier in Geometry Dash.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the levels in Geometry Dash.

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