Minecraft Wolf Armor: How to make, repair, dye & more

Jessica Filby
Minecraft wolf armor

Wolf Armor has arrived in Minecraft Snapshots and Betas, providing all the protection you need for your trusted companion. So, here’s how to make Wolf Armor in Minecraft as well as how to use it, repair it, and turn it into your favorite color.

Wolf Armor was one of the main reasons that the Armadillo won the 2023 Mob Vote. After all, thousands of Minecraft players are constantly looking to keep their trusty dog companions safe during their adventures, while still avoiding leaving them at home, and the armor is the perfect way to do so.

However, since it’s relatively new to Minecraft Snapshots and Betas, knowing how to craft it, use it, repair it, and even dye it can be pretty tricky.


Wolf Armor recipe in Minecraft

Minecraft Wolf armor

To craft Wolf Armor in Minecraft you’ll need to gather six Armadillo Scute from the newly added Armadillo mob.

To get Armadillo Scute you’ll need to follow these steps:

Craft two brushes

While you can wait for Armadillos to drop Scutes, they usually only drop one every five to ten minutes so a brush is much more efficient.

To craft two brushes you need:

  • 2 Feathers
  • 2 Sticks
  • 2 Copper Ingots

Feathers are found near Chickens. Thankfully, they do drop from the mob so you can either wait for two to drop or get one the more… forceful way by killing it.

Sticks are one of the easier items to grab, coming from a tree. Simply chop down a tree, turn that log into planks, then place one plank on top of the other in a crafting table to make sticks.

Copper is found underground. Thankfully it’s relatively common, so we recommend heading into your nearest mine or cave and looking around for the brown and green ores. Once you find that, simply smelt them to create Copper Ingots.

Find a Savanna biome

With two Brushes in hand, you’ll need to find an Armadillo – which can be found in a Savanna biome. These look like grassy spaces with plenty of grass and Acacia trees. If you’re struggling to find this biome, then you could always use the /locate biome minecraft:savanna_plateau cheat.

Once there, keep an eye out for an Armadillo. They usually spawn in groups so if you find one, you’ll find a few.

Collect six Armadillo Scute

When you spot an Armadillo, head towards it with your Brush and use the item on the mob. Once you do so, you’ll get one Armadollo Scute.

One Brush will grant you between four and five Scutes so you’ll need to use both in order to get all six required for the Wolf Armor.

Minecraft Wolf Armor recipe

Once you’ve grabbed all six Armadillo Scutes, head to a crafting table and place the items in the same positions as the image above. So one in the top right, three in the middle, one in the bottom left, and one in the bottom right.

With that, your Wolf Armor will be made, now all that’s left to do is find a wolf to put the item on.

How to use Wolf Armor

Once you’ve crafted Wolf Armor, you’ll need to find a wolf to equip it to. It’s worth noting that the wolf will need to be tamed before you add armor to it, so make sure you bring enough bones on your adventure.

Once you have a wolf, put the Armor in your hand, walk up to the wolf, and interact with the animal. The armor should be equipped from there.

If you want to remove the armor, you can do so using Shears, which will grant you the Shear Brilliance Advancement.

How to repair Wolf Armor

Wolf Armor is similar to normal Armor in Minecraft, meaning it can lose durability when the wolf is attacked. Luckily, you can repair the item – and it’s pretty straightforward.

All you need is more Armadillo Scutes. Simply place one in your hand, head over to the damaged wolf, and right-click. You should see the cracks or damage disappear, showing that the armor is fully repaired. As a note, you may need to use more than one Scute depending on the damage.

How to dye Wolf Armor

Minecraft dye wolf Armor

Players will also be able to dye their Wolf Armor, meaning you could create designs that better suit the new wolf variants added to Minecraft.

To do so, you’ll need to grab your Wolf Armor and your favorite dye. Once you have those, simply head into a crafting table and put in both the dye and armor, what comes out of it will be your freshly dyed set.

It’s worth remembering that you can experiment with colors as adding two different dyes will change it’s color completely. There are over 5 million different color combinations, so keep experimenting until you find the best for you or your new pet. That way your wolf can be both protected and stylish.

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