Best Jayber build in The First Descendant: Skills, Weapons, Reactor & Modules

Sam Smith
Jayber best build

Jayber is an ideal character in The First Descendant for those who want to take on a utility role rather than blast opponents with overwhelming firepower. After hours of testing, we have found a brilliant build players can use to dominate.

Once you have unlocked Jayber, you will see they’re all about supporting other players, mainly by placing his deadly turrets in strategic locations to lay down a hail of bullets or to provide healing buffs to other members of the team.

Don’t let Jayber’s role as a support character fool you though. In the right hands, he can be deadly and is one of the most versatile characters you can use in The First Descendant. We currently have Jayber sitting in A-tier in our tier list of best characters.

Best Active Skills for Jayber

Jayber is more of an engineer than a warrior.

After experimenting with Jayber, we found the best way to play was to not stick to one Active Skill but to utilize a selection of them.

You can use a Medical Turret to heal your teammates when needed, but when not healing, we found that the Assault Turret was the most reliable. This keeps the enemy pinned down and makes up the core offensive gameplay for Jayber.

Best Passive Skills for Jayber

Using both the Assault Turret and Medical Turret at the same time is a great way to get the best out of Jayber’s Passive Skill known as Turret Sync. This ability allows Jayber’s Attack power to increase when both forms of Turret are active.

Therefore, we’d recommend always finding a way to use both Medical and Assault Turrets in battle, even when healing teammates isn’t immediately required.

Best weapons for Jayber

jayber gameplay
Jayber makes use of Turrets in his gameplay rather than shooting it himself.

The best weapons available to Jayber are as follows:

  • Enduring Legacy (Machine Gun)
  • Afterglow Sword (Sniper Rifle)
  • Nazeistra’s Devotion (Hand Cannon)

Of course, when playing as Jayber you’re mostly going to be setting up Turrets, then watching with glee while your enemies get cut down by them. However, you’ll need to be able to defend yourself should an enemy get too close.

The Enduring Legacy is a powerful and reliable weapon for Jayber and will help you keep enemies at arm’s length. What you want to do is for enemies to back off so that your Turrets can take them out, and this machine gun is a great way to encourage this.

You can also use Nazeistra’s Devotion to quickly land powerful shots on enemies who get too close or are panicking while avoiding your Turrets. This powerful hand cannon only takes a shot or two to fall an enemy, who’ll likely be too distracted by your Turrets to realize what your own gun can do.

If you’re at a safe distance, sniping enemies with the Afterglow Sword can also be a clever strategy. Taking potshots at enemies who avoid coming near you because of your Turrets can make you a thorn in their side and drive them toward the players with bigger guns.

Best Reactor for Jayber in The First Descendant

One of The First Descendant’s more fun features is Reactors, powerful modifiers that allow you to tweak the damage you do and add some elemental damage or a status ailment. When selecting your Reactor, it’s important to add one that gives you the most benefit based on your Active and Passive Skills.

As Jayber is a Non-Attribute character, pick a Materialized Phase/Singularity Reactor to maximize Jayber’s Assault Turret, Medical Turret Active Skills, and Turret Sync Passive Skill.

Select the first Materialized Phase Reactor you find and upgrade it when a more powerful one comes along. There isn’t any specific one you need to choose but stick to this type.

Best Descendant Modules for Jayber

Jayber stats
Jayber’s best build is one that combines the power of his Healing and Assault Turrets.

The best Descendant Modules available to Jayber are:

1Turret EngineeringMulti-purpose Gun skill conversion. When using skill, recovers the HP of all summoned turrets and extends their duration. Does not switch turrets to Enhanced mode.Transcendent
2Non-Attribute SpecialistNon-Attribute Skill Power Modifier +X%Normal
3Non-Attribute MasterSkill Power +X%, Skill Non-Attribute Power +X%Rare
4Focus on Non-AttributeSkill Non-Attribute Power +X%, Skill Cooldown -X%Rare
5ShortswordSwitches your Sub Attack to a Shortsword and boosts your Max Module Capacity.Normal
6Nimble FingersSkill Cooldown -X%Normal
7Increased HPMax HP +X%Normal
8Increased DEFMax DEF +X%Normal
9An Outstanding InvestmentSkill Duration +X%, HP Heal +X%.Rare
10Non-Attribute SyncytiumCritical Hit Resistance +X%, Non-Attribute Skill Power +X%.Rare
11Shield ConversionDEF +X%, Max Shield -X%Rare
12Increase ShieldIncrease Shield sizeNormal

Best External Components for Jayber

External Components help keep you safe and allow you to boost the attributes most important to you. As Jayber’s main value is in setting up Turrets to do most of his damage, we recommend using these four defensive Components:

  • Max Shield
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • DEF

If you still need to unlock this character, here’s our guide to get Jayber.

That’s the best Jayber build you can use in The First Descendant. If you’re wondering whether Ajax is the best choice for you, check out our best starter character build guide. There are also several rewards available via Twitch Drops until July 31.

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