All characters in The First Descendant: Bunny, Ajax, Viessa, more

Sourav Banik
an image of some characters in The First Descendant

Nexon Games’ latest free-to-play looter shooter, The First Descendant, includes a ton of characters to play as, and we’ve got a breakdown of them all.

The First Descendant’s Pre-season has commenced and brings a brand-new Battle Pass with tons of rewards for fans to enjoy. The game comes with characters known as Descendants who have different attributes, abilities, and roles. You can also check our character tier list where we’ve ranked the best Descendants you can choose.

So, to walk you through all the characters you can unlock, we’ve got you covered with a list of all the Descendants you can choose from.

All Descendants

DescendantRoleActive SkillsPassive SkillAttribute
AjaxTankOrbit Barrier, Void Walk, Expulsion, HypercubeEvent HorizonNon-Attribute
BlairDoT DealerBlaze up, Extinguish, Burn Taste, Deadly CuisinePitmasterFire
BunnyNukerThrill Bomb, Light Speeding, Lightning Emission, Maximum PowerRabbit FootElectric
EnzoSupportStart Supply, Explosive Drone, Enhance Combat Suit, Perfect SupportShoot SupportNon-Attribute
EsiemoBurst DPSTime Bomb, Blast, Guided Landmine, Arche ExplosionAdventitious HabitFire
FreynaDoT DealerToxic Trauma, Defense Mechanism, Decomposed Poison, Venomous BaptismContagion LinksToxic
GleyUtility DealerFrenzied, Life Siphon, Increased Sensory, MassacreThirstNon-Attribute
JayberUtility DealerAssault Turret, Medical Turret, Multi-Purpose Gun, ReactivateTurret SyncNon-Attribute
KyleBruiserRepulsion Dash, Magnetic Bulwark, Magnetism Spurt, Superconductivity ThrustersExperienced TechnicianNon-Attribute
LepicDPSGrenade, Overclock, Traction Grenade, OverkillClose CallFire
SharenClose-Range DealerCutoff Beam, Active Camouflage, Impact Rounds, Flash ShortswordAssassinatorElectric
ValbyConstant DPSBubble Bullet, Plop Plop, Laundry, Laundry BombWater IntakeNon-Attribute
ViessaDebufferFrost Shards, Frost Road, Cold Snap, BlizzardIce SphereChill
YujinSupportSolidarity Healing, Restructure Serum, Stimulant Spray, Hyperreactive Healing GroundStop OverreactingNon-Attribute

How many characters are in The First Descendant?

Ajax from The First Descendant
Ajax is a Tank.

There are a total of 14 playable Descendants available in the Pre-season of The First Descendant. These characters are divided into different roles based on their specialties, these are:

  • Tank
  • Healer
  • DPS
  • Constant DPS
  • Bruiser
  • Nuker
  • DoT Dealer
  • Utility Dealer
  • Close-Range Dealer
  • Debuffer
  • Support

If you’re keen to try a certain role during matches, use our table above to ensure you’ve chosen the best starter character for the job, or are aiming to unlock a Descendant with your desired role.

Now that you know about all the Descendants in-game, be sure to claim all the special drops from Twitch. Before you jump in, read up on all the weapons, how to play with friends, and the game’s current server status.