The First Descendant players discover key hidden movement mechanic

Sourav Banik
The First Descendant

Amid all the chaos in The First Descendant, you might be missing out on a key hidden movement mechanic discovered by players.

Sure, you can use the Grappling Hook for quick traversal in The First Descendant, but nothing comes to eliminating the stun effect and walking straight away after landing from a high-up area.

The game’s Preseason has been a success followed by a healthy player count, hitting an all-time peak on Steam. Out of the many things tried and tested by players, they have found a movement mechanic that cancels the landing animation.

This is done by shooting a weapon right before landing on foot and saving your Descendant from getting staggered or stunned.

“Didn’t even know about this….W,” said one player. A fellow player commented: “Bunny just got even faster.”

Bunny is the fastest character in the game, thanks to her Electric Attribute and similar Active Skills. She’s also the second Descendant you unlock while completing the campaign, which means most players will have her.

Some players are also sharing other ways to cancel the stun. “Anything that causes animation on your character will cancel it,” said one. “Or you could just hit your double jump before you land,” chimed in another.

One player noticed that canceling the reload of a weapon is also possible: “Basically when you reload any gun if you wait for the last 1/5 of the “loading bar” you can immediately end the reload by doing any action. You can also be always aiming and reload while aiming and it’ll end sooner.”

The First Descendant is the latest looter shooter from Nexon and features a ton of content, which can be intimidating for new players. However, when the community brings something like this to the table, it certainly makes things easier.

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