Best Esiemo build in The First Descendant: Skills, Weapons, Reactor & Modules

Sam Smith
Esiemo best build

Esiemo is a character in The First Descendant whose main strength is doing massive DPS damage. Here’s the best Esiemo build you can use in the game.

Unlike other characters in The First Descendant, most of Esiemo’s offense is done by using bombs and chain explosions to stack damage against opponents. Getting caught in one of Esiemo’s attack patterns can lead to death for most enemies when done right.

He’s currently sitting in the C-tier of our tier list and can be a formidable fighter if you’re using the best build.

Best Esiemo Skills

While some characters in The First Descendent benefit from prioritizing certain skills and using others as backup, we found that the best way to play as Esiemo was to take advantage of all four of his Active Skills.

esiemo best build
Esiemo uses bombs to blast his opponents into oblivion.

However, while Guided Landmine and Arche Explosion are helpful, we found we used Time Bomb and Blast the most. Using both skills together allowed us to control when the bombs exploded and create chain reactions after we had baited other players into our trap.

Guided Landmine was more effective in one-on-one encounters, but the fun of playing as Esiemo is in creating elaborate chains or opportunistic bursts that catch enemies unawares.

It’s worth pointing out that using Time Bomb and Blast while under the Madness state caused by Arche Explosion makes this strategy even more deadly.

Unlike some other characters, Esiemo’s Passive Skill doesn’t really aid or boost any of his Actives, so you won’t need to incorporate it into this strategy.

All Esiemo Skills

Here’s a rundown of all five of Esiemo’s abilities:

  • Adventitious Habit (Passive) – Drops a bomb on the ground when the shield is completely depleted.
  • Time Bomb – Launches a Sticky Bomb forward. The Sticky Bomb attaches to an enemy or terrain feature on contact.
  • Blast – Instantly detonates attached bombs. Bomb damage increases with the number of attached bombs.
  • Guided Landmine – Places a Guided Landmine at current location. Once placed, the Guided Landmine will fly to an enemy within its detection range and attach to it.
  • Arche Explosion – Starts moving forward fast. On collision with an enemy while charging, inflicts Knockback. When the movement ends, deals damage to nearby enemies and removes buffs from them. After the skill ends, Esiemo enters Madness state. Adventitious Habit skill Esiemo The First Descendant Adventitious Habit

Best Weapons for Esiemo

The best weapons for Esiemo are:

  • Thunder Cage (SMG)
  • Tamer (Machine Gun)
  • Restored Relic (Rocket Launcher)

Thunder Cage is the optimal weapon for Esiemo. It emits a shockwave, dealing electric damage to enemies. Couple this with the DPS damage Esiemo already does from his bombs and you’re onto a winning formula.

Sadly, Esiemo’s attacks don’t conduct electricity like Valby’s do, but that doesn’t stop it from being a helpful tool to do extra damage.

After equipping the Thunder Cage, add the following mods to increase your damage output:

  • Rifling Reinforcements – Boosts your Firearm ATK
  • Fire Rate UP – Boosts your Fire Rate
  • Consume Magazines – Faster Reload & minor boost to Weak Point Damage
  • Action and Reaction – Boosts Firearm Attack and Recoil
  • Better Insight – Boosts Firearm Critical Hit Rate
  • Better Concentration – Boosts Firearm Critical Hit Damage
  • Weak Point Insight – Boosts Weak Point Damage & minor boost to Firearm Critical Hit Rate

Alternatively, the Restored Relic and Tamer are good weapons for Esiemo to wield. The Tamer is fantastic for taking down bosses. The Restored Relic has the chance to fire Guided Rounds which can receive Ancient Fire and burn the enemy inflicting greater damage.

Best Reactor for Esiemo in The First Descendant

One of The First Descendant’s more fun features is Reactors, powerful modifiers that allow you to tweak the damage you do and add some elemental damage or a status ailment.

When selecting your Reactor, it’s important to add one that gives you the most benefit based on your Active and Passive Skills.

For Esiemo, you’re going to want to prioritize skills that boost his Fusion and Fire damage output. Therefore, select skills that fall into the Skill Critical Hit Damage category.

It also pays to add some skills that boost Tingling damage once you’ve equipped the Thunder Cage Submachine Gun.

Best Descendant Modules for Esiemo

The best Descendant Modules available to Esiemo are:

1Cluster BombAn attached bomb creates a chain reaction of explosionsTranscendant
2Skill Range MasteryImproves the Range of SkillsRare
3Increased ShieldIncreases Max ShieldStandard
4Fire SpecialistIncreases the power of Fire skillsStandard
5Skill ExpansionIncreases the Effect Range of skillsStandard
6Focus on FireImproves the power of Fire Skills, and reduces Skill CooldownsRare
7Dual ClawChanges your Sub Attack to a Dual Claw. and increases Max Module CapacityStandard
8Willpower EffectIncreases DEF and buffs HP Heal skillRare
9Increased DEFIncreases DEFStandard
10Increased HPIncreases max HPStandard
11Technique ManualSkill deals a portion of your Max HP as damageUltimate
12FlexshotAdd extra module

This is a solid set-up for fighting general enemies as well as bosses.

Best External Components for Esiemo

External Components help keep you safe and allow you to boost the attributes most important to you.

As Esiemo’s main value is in doing DPS damage, we recommend using these four defensive Components to ensure that aspect of your build isn’t ignored.

  • Max Shield
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • DEF

The fun behind playing as Esiemo is running around planting bombs and watching them explode in glorious chain reactions. However, if you die before you can complete your fireworks display, you’re soon going to become frustrated.

This is why we’ve focused on defensive Components, as you’ll need to stay alive if you’re to truly enjoy the destructive power of your handiwork.

How to unlock Esiemo

Esiemo skills
Esiemo’s skills are best used to create chain explosions.

Like other Descendants, Esiemo is unlocked by collecting specific crafting materials and items. These are:

  • Enhanced Cells
    • Flectorite x292
    • Shape Alloy Metal x462
    • Deformed Biometal x76
    • Esiemo Enhanced Cells Blueprint
    • Gold x200,000
  • Stabilizer
    • Ceramic Composite x408
    • Reverse Charging Coil x455
    • Organic Biogel x26
    • Esiemo Stabilizer Blueprint
    • Gold x200,000
  • Spiral Catalyst
    • Semi-permanent Plasma x290
    • Nanopolymers x363
    • Specialized Biometal x56
    • Esiemo Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
    • Gold x200,000
  • Code
    • Vespers: Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor – Vespers Moonlight Lake
    • Kingston: Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor – Kingstone Grand Square
    • Agna Desert: Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor – Agna Desert The Storage
    • Hagios: Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor – Hagios Corrupted Zone

After you’ve got all the resources, talk to Magister Anais and you can research Esiemo for 400,000 Credits.

That’s the best Esiemo build you can use in The First Descendant. For even more builds, check out our guides for Kyle, Gley, Ajax, Freyna, and Bunny.

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