Best Sharen build in The First Descendant: Skills, Weapons, Reactor & Modules

Sourav Banik
Best Sharen build The First Descendant

Sharen is the second character with an Electric Attribute in The First Descendant which means she can be lethal for close-range attacks. After a lot of testing, we’ve put together the best possible Sharen build you can run in the looter shooter.

While Bunny‘s simple set of Skills makes her easy to master, we can’t say the same about Sharen. She’s an Electric Descendant too but her lack of AoE clearance made us tag her in the C-Tier in our character tier list.

On the bright side, she can be ideal for clearing bosses in Void Intercept Battles as her mobility is top-tier. But you’ll have to use her best build to make Sharen a true force to be reckoned with.

Best Sharen Skills

Every Sharen skill is important as they complement each other in dealing with enemies. However, the ones that stand out from the rest are Active Camouflage and Flash Shortsword.

Sharen's stats in The First Descendant

Active Camouflage allows her to be hidden from enemies for a while, leaving her undetected which further lets you plan an attack accordingly. It lasts for 4 seconds with a 20-second cooldown. This ability deactivates when you attack an enemy while it’s on, activating Ambush right after which increases DMG by 70%.

In our experience, we found Flash Shortsword to be really effective against enemies with low HP but appearing in masses. It can lock on to 10 enemies at once and deals a damage of Skill Power x 209.5%. The enemies have to be in a 2.5m range and come with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

All Sharen Skills

Below you can find the full descriptions for every Sharen’s Skill:

Cutoff BeamInflicts damage and Electrocution on enemies in front of Cutoff BeamActive
Active CamouflageUpon activation, it hides her from enemy sight. Attacking an enemy while in this state immediately ends Active Camouflage, and activates AmbushActive
Shock NutsFires built-in Impact Rounds from the arm forward, inflicting StunActive
Flash ShortswordGenerates multiple Shortswords and fires them at a designated target. Hit enemies take Burst damage and are inflicted with Electrocution. Fire using the attack button and cancel using the aim button. Canceling does not trigger a cooldown.Active
AssassinatorWhen in Ambush state, killing an enemy by using a skill resets the Active Camouflage cooldown. This effect gains cooldown. When attacking, increases DMG against enemies who are not targeting the caster.Passive

Best Weapons for Sharen

The best weapons for Sharen to use are:

Enduring Legacy is an Ultimate Machine Gun that has a decent fire rate of 571, but its massive magazine size of 115 bullets can kill multiple enemies or deal huge damage to bosses on the battlefield. You can unlock it only after reaching Mastery Level 15.

Nazeistra's Devotion in The Final Descendant

Keep Nazeistra’s Devotion as a perfect secondary weapon as it has Fanaticism which upon hitting an enemy’s Weak Point reduces their defence by 30%.

As a third option, the Sniper rifle Piercing Light is a great option for Sharen to deal damage from a distance.

Best Reactor

An ideal Reactor for Sharen would be the Tingling Mixture Reactor. It starts with ‘Tingling’ means it’ll have great Electric damage which automatically makes it a good choice for her as she’s an Electric Descendant.

Its Skill Cooldown and Skill Cost Down would combine well with Active Camouflage and Flash Shortsword, giving you enough opportunities to use these Active Skills multiple times in a fight.

Best Descendant Modules for Sharen

1 (Skill Module)
2Increased HPCeruleanMax HP +X%Standard
3Maximize DurationRutileSkill Duration +X%, Skill Power Modifier -X%Rare
4Nimble FingersMalachiteSkill Cooldown -X%Standard
5Time DistributionMalachiteSkill Cooldown -X%, Max HP +X%.Rare
6Strong MentalityMalachiteSkill Cost -X%Standard
7 (Sub Module)Shock PunchMalachiteModifies the Charged Sub AttackStandard
8Skill ExtensionRutileSkill Duration +X%Standard
9An Iron WillRutileWhen Shield is at 0%, DEF +X%Ultimate
10Heat AntibodyAlmandineFire Resistance +XStandard
11Increased DEFRutileDEF +X%Standard
12Spear and ShieldRutileDEF +X%, Skill Power +X%.Rare

Best External Components

External Component drops are always RNG-based and depend on how lucky you are. For Sharen, look for the components having these stats:

  • Max Shield
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • DEF

Max Shield and Max HP are the two most important stats you need to focus on.

How to unlock Sharen

Sharen can be unlocked by collecting specific crafting materials by completing certain missions in The First Desecedant. The items you’ll need are as follows:

  • Enhanced Cells
    • Location: Echo Swamp – Seed Vault
  • Stabilizer
    • Location: Echo Swamp – The Chapel
  • Spiral Catalyst
    • Location: Agna Desert – The Asylum
  • Code
    • Complete: Agna Desert – Caligo Ossuary

Once you’ve got everything, simply talk to Magister Anais and you can research Sharen for 400,00 Credits.

That’s a rundown of our best Sharen build you can use in The First Descendant. For even more builds, check out our guides for Enzo, Gley, Ajax, Bunny, and Lepic.

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