Are The First Descendant’s servers down? Server status, maintenance & outage updates

Noelle Corbett
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If you’re having trouble playing The First Descendant or just want to check in on the current status, here’s what you need to know about the game’s current server situation, planned maintenance, and outages.

Nexon has entered the looter shooter genre with The First Descendant, an action RPG full of unique characters, cross-platform co-op gameplay, and (of course) lots and lots of loot.

Of course, since this is an online game, players are beholden to the server status. If you cannot play or log into the game, here’s the current server status for The First Descendant.

Are The First Descendant’s servers down?

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At the time of writing, The First Descendant servers are online, though the devs have warned that players may encounter some issues.

On July 5, the developers of the game put out a statement apologising for not being able to provide a stable service around launch, expanding its test participation rewards.

They said: “We would like to thank you for your interest in The First Descendant and for participating in the test.

“However, we have identified a partial issue where rewards were not distributed. Due to various issues after the launch, we were unable to provide a stable service, and we feel deeply regretful. As a sincere apology, we have decided to expand the rewards for everyone.”

Recent server issues – July 3 dev response

On the official X (Twitter) page, the devs released an official statement on the situation.

They said: “We have found that Connection issue is mainly due to MS Network error and we are waiting for MS to recover.

“We will make notice once it’s recovered.”

They further updated players, saying “Server is opened now,” but warning of continued MS Network issues.

Players respond to issues – July 3 reactions

If you’re on this page frustrated about the current situation, you’re not alone.

A number of members of the community have posted about their inability to connect on July 3.

One said: “Microsoft AGAIN. Xbox was down yesterday for ages. Now there rubbish is affecting non xbox players….”

Another user replied: “The people who fixed it (Xbox issue) might have caused a bigger issue as a whole. By the sounds of it, whatever they did to fix the Xbox issues might have mangled the whole Microsoft network, and that’s what caused this widespread issue for every player.

“It’s unfortunate when such widespread issues occur. Technical fixes can sometimes have unintended consequences, affecting larger networks or services.”

Another joked: “Guys come on I need to play so I can grind for ultimate bunny. You’re wasting my buffs.”

How to check The First Descendant’s server status

We’ll be sure to update this page regularly with the latest information on The First Descendant’s server status, as well as news of any planned maintenance and future outages.

You can also follow The First Descendant on Twitter/X and join the game’s official Discord server for updates from the devs.

That’s everything to know about The First Descendant’s current server status! For more information about the game, check out the rest of our coverage, including these guides on how to connect with friends in The First Descendant and how to destroy Void Fragments.