Best Bunny build in The First Descendant: Skills, Weapons, Reactor & Modules

Sourav Banik
best bunny build the first descendant

Bunny is one of the fastest characters in The First Descendant, meaning enemies will have a tough time tracking you down. Here’s the best Bunny build you can use with the right skills, weapons, modules, and more.

The First Descendant has a plethora of characters to choose from. While some Descendants are great at anchoring and supporting their team, others let their damage numbers do the talking. Bunny belongs in the second category. Not only is she crazy fast, also known as The Speedster, but she also harnesses electrical energy the more she runs.

Our Bunny unlock guide has got everything sorted for you in case you were wondering how to get her in the first place, and we currently have the character sitting in S-tier in our tier list of best characters. So, let’s take a look at the best build to use when maining her.

Best Active Skill for Bunny

an image of Bunny's Lightning Emission in The First Descendant

Lightning Emission is the best Active Skill for Bunny as it grants Electrocution. The perk debuffs enemies, which is very crucial when they come in a horde and deal continuous damage at 1-second intervals.

The Lightning Emission skill lasts for 3 seconds and unlocks when Bunny reaches Level 5.

Best Weapons for Bunny

Use these weapons for the best results with Bunny:

  • Thunder Cage
  • Hero’s Scar
  • Nightmare Reaper

The Thunder Cage and Nightmare Reaper are ultimate weapons. The Thunder Cage SMG emits electric shockwaves while the Nightmare Reaper Sniper Rifle upon hitting the weak point of an enemy activates Death Propagation.

With the right mods, these weapons will be lethal in Bunny’s arsenal.

Best Reactor to use with Bunny

The Tingling Mechanics Reactor is the best choice for Bunny in The First Descendant. It’s a 2 Star Rare Reactor that increases the Electric Skill Power Boost Ratio and Tech Skill Power Boost Ratio by 0.2 times.

These are the highlighting advantages of the Tingling Mechanics Reactor:

  • Skill Critical Hit Damage: 8.9%
  • Toxic Skill Power Boost Ratio: 1.1%

You can equip it on Scout Rifles to activate the Reactor’s Optimization Condition. Once the conditions are met, the Skill Power of the Reactor increases by 140%; otherwise, it’s limited to 100%.

Best Descendant Modules for Bunny

Bunny in The First Descendant

Here are the best Descendant Modules for Bunny:

  • HP Concentration
  • Electric Master
  • Decimator
  • Skill Extension
  • Shortsword
  • Electric Specialist
  • Nimble Fingers
  • Skill Expansion
  • Increased DEF
  • Skill Range Mastery

Using all these modules ramps up the total Module Capacity Cost to 76, which you should automatically increase the more you level the Descendant up.

Here are the final values you get after applying these mods:

Max HP28.4%
Skill Critical Hit Rate9.7%
Electric Skill Power Boost Ratio48.6%
Skill Power Modifier23.7%
Skill Electric Power Modifier6%
Skill Cooldown-17%
Skill Effect Range34.7%
Skill Duration15.6%
Skill Critical Hit Damage21.7%

The key factor you must remember here is placing the mods in the Socket that aligns with their Module Socket Type and Class. This will reduce the Module Capacity Cost significantly, allowing you to place powerful and expensive mods easily.

Best External Components for Bunny

In Bunny’s build, the best External Components are those with stats like Max Shield, Max HP, HP Recovery, and DEF.

Getting the right components boils down to the fact how lucky you are. The First Descendant being a looter shooter means you’ll need to spend time finding External Components with good stats.

That sums up our best Bunny build in The First Descendant. Check our best starter character guide in case you’re wondering who to choose between Ajax, Lepic, and Viessa.

Also, be sure to claim special drops from Twitch by the end of July 2024, as these will give you several rewards for free.