Best Freyna build in The First Descendant: Skills, Weapons, Reactor & Modules

Jessica Filby
Best Freyna build The First Descendant

Freyna can be a powerful force in The First Descendant if you’ve got the right build and after our testing in-game. However, you’ll need the right skills, weapons, reactor and modules to succeed.

Acting as an effective Damage over Time dealer, this Venom-obsessed Descendant is fantastic for those who like to shoot first and let the damage slowly take their enemies down. We currently have Freyna sitting in B-tier in our tier list of best characters.

Freyna is a great character to explore, but, like the others, you’ll need the right build to truly succeed in fighting the Vulgus. So, let’s look at what we have found the most success with so far, from skills to modules.

Best Active Skills for Freyna

Defence Mechanism skill in The First Descendant
Defense Mechanism provides the extra defense that works perfectly with the other skills.

Freyna has access to five skills in The First Descendant, and, if used correctly, all of them can be extremely powerful. However, your MP is limited, so spamming abilities isn’t always the right approach.

Here are the three abilities we would recommend using most in order:

  1. Toxic Trauma is easily the best Active Skill for Freyna in The First Descendant. When you combine the poison from a range with the best weapon, you have a perfect combination. Not only does the poison deal damage to the enemies from range, but it also inflicts Room 0 Trauma, dealing even more damage and poisoning them for longer.
  2. Decomposed Poison is another fantastic Active Skill to have on hand. Similarly to Toxic Trauma, it’s a great ranged AoE ability and will poison your enemies, working perfectly with the best weapon. On top of this, it deals fantastic damage and spreads thanks to the Toxic Footprints, keeping those deaths coming.
  3. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with Defense Mechanism. Sure, there are plenty of attack Skills you can use, but sometimes a little extra protection is vital. It’s key to have this close to hand in case the enemies get a little too close for comfort.

All skills explained

Below are the five available skills for Freyna in The First Descendant:

  • Contagion Links (passive): Increases Toxic Skill Power by the number of nearby enemies inflicted with Poison from Freyna’s skill.
  • Toxic Trauma: Throws poison to attack target enemy with damage and inflict Room 0 Trauma onto nearby enemies.
  • Defense Mechanism: Significantly increases DEF. There is chance of inflicting Room 0 Trauma to enemies upon attack.
  • Decomposed Poison: Throws toxins to form a Toxic Swamp. Enemies entering the Toxic Swamp receive continuous damage and become inflicted with Poison and Venom-Soaked. Enemies inflicted with Venom-Soaked leave Toxic Footprints as they move, and enemies that touch Toxic Footprints also become inflicted with Poison.
  • Venomous Baptism: Changes current Firearm to Venom Baptism. Enemies hit with Venom Baptism bullets are inflicted with Room 0 Trauma.

Best Weapon to use with Freyna

Fallen Hope Assault Rifle
This weapon is a no-brainer and is perfect for Freyna.

The best weapon for Freyna is undeniably the Fallen Hope Assault Rifle.

It has a fantastic Unique ability with a direct effect on every poisoned enemy, working perfectly with her kit and poison status effect:

  • Perdition: After hitting a Poisoned enemy, Firearm ATK is increased and applies this buff to the attack. When you defeat a Poisoned enemy, the enemy will trigger an Explosion with a certain chance, inflicting additional damage to nearby enemies.

The synergy Freyna’s kit has with this weapon makes it an almost irreplaceable boon for her, and it’s worth farming for this gun if you plan to take her into the late game.

However, her other weapon slots are open and up to personal preference since Freyna can excel at any range. If you’d like to see which guns are universally the best options, check out our Ultimate weapon guide.

Best Reactor

In true Freyna fashion, the best Reactor you should choose are those that focus on Toxic and Tech (Mechanics).

Freyna practically lives and breathes Toxic and poison, so capitalizing on those types is the best bet in battle. Naturally, you’ll want to prioritize high-skill power and attack power on top of Toxic and Tech, but in terms of damage per second and efficiency, Toxic and Tech are the best ways to go.

As such, we recommend picking up the following Reactors:

  • Toxic Phase: Boosts Toxic and Dimension types
  • Toxic Mechanics: Boosts Toxic and Tech types

Best Freyna Module setup

Best modules for Freyna in The First Descendant
Nimble Fingers reduces your skill cooldown by -25.6%.
1ContagionWhen an enemy afflicted with Room 0 Trauma dies, they leave a contagion of Poison around themTranscendent
2HP AmplificationMax HP +X%, Max Shield -X%Rare
3Amplification ControlSkill Effect Range +X%, Max Shield +X%.Rare
4Nimble FingersSkill Cooldown -X%Standard
5Focus on ToxicSkill Toxic Power +X%, Skill Cooldown -X%Rare
6Skill ExpansionSkill Effect Range +X%, applies only to certain skills for each DescendantStandard
7Dual ClawAttacks using Dual Claws during Sub Attack. Equipping Sub Attack Module increases the Module CapacityStandard
8Skill ExtensionSkill Duration +X%, applies only to certain skills for each DescendantStandard
9MP AccelerantSkill Duration +5%, Max MP +3.7%Rare
10Strong MentalityReduces the Resource Cost when you use SkillsStandard
11Toxic SpecialistToxic Skill Power Modifier +X%Standard
12Toxic MasterSkill Power +X%, Skill Toxic Power +X%Rare

With her specialties in Poison and damage over time, you’ll be able to easily capitalize on the likes of Contagion, Nimble Fingers, and Focus on Toxic to spam more powerful skills over to the enemy and take them down. They’ll also help her be a little less vulnerable during refreshes.

Best External Components

While External Components are purely RNG-based drops, it’s not too easy to focus on the best. Nevertheless, there are a few worth looking out for:

  • DEF
  • Max Shield
  • HP Recovery
  • Max HP

Upping a character’s DEF is never a bad thing, and when you combine that with Max Shield, Freyna should be staying up a lot longer. It can also give you the confidence to spend more time aiming her Poison and using those skills in new ways.

In a similar way to DEF and Shield, Freyna’s HP is vital to keep track of. After all, you need to outlast the enemy, and HP is exactly how that’s done. We recommend buffing your Max HP and HP Recover as a priority, to help make Freyna a little more sturdy.

That’s the best build for Freyna in The First Descendant. While leveling her up, check out our ultimate tier list to see where she ranks, or check out some of our other build guides for Bunny, and Ajax, in case you want to change your Descendant around.