Best Thunder Cage build in The First Descendant & how to unlock it

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Best Thunder Cage weapon build The First descendant

The Thunder Cage is one of The First Descendant’s Ultimate Weapons, and it’s great if you want to go full rampage due to its high rate of fire. Check our build to do that using the best Modules, Descendants, and more.

As is the way with any shooter, equipping the best weapons is a surefire way to ensure success when traversing through The First Descendant, particularly as you make your way through the main story and begin to encounter much harder enemies.

The Thunder Cage is one of those weapons that is powerful and rare across the whole experience. As such, getting your hands on it is no easy feat, however, we’ve got a full breakdown of how to get the Thunder Cage in The First Descendant included down below for you.

How to unlock Thunder Cage Ultimate Weapon

The First Descendant Sterile Land
The Thunder Cage parts can be found in the Sterile Lands.

The Thunder Cage can be unlocked in The First Descendant by completing the Thunder Cage Research Request Sub Quest. It’s a part of the campaign and unlocks automatically as you progress.

To complete the weapon’s Research, collect all the Research Materials which are as follows:

  • Thunder Cage Polymer Syncytium: External Reactor, Sterile Land
  • Thunder Cage Synthetic Fiber: Kuiper Mine, Sterile Land
  • Thunder Cage Nano Tube: High-powered Jammer, Sterile Land
  • Thunder Cage Blueprint: Logistics Facility, Sterile Land
  • 100,000 Gold

After gathering all the necessary materials, head over to Anais in Albion to begin the Research. It will take a total of four hours for the Research to complete, so you can complete other tasks or quests in the meantime.

Thunder Cage stats

Thunder Cage weapon in The First descendant
  • ATK: 24
  • Fire Rate: 666
  • Rounds per Magazine: 26
  • Reload Time: 1.4 seconds
  • Overcharge: When defeating an enemy, the defeated enemy has a set chance to discharge Electric Shockwave which deals Additional Damage to nearby enemies.

The stats above are for the weapon when it’s at Level 1. They change when you use modules and level the weapon up.

Best Descendant for Thunder Cage

The Thunder Cage goes well with any Descendant, so you’ll never go wrong when picking it.

Bunny the first descendant

However, if you have to choose a character, Bunny is an ideal choice for the weapon. That’s because she has the Electric Attribute and the Thunder Cage in Overcharge mode unleashes an electric shockwave that deals damage to enemies within three meters.

Best Modules

Here are the best modules for Thunder Cage:

Rifling ReinforcementMalachiteFirearm ATK +X%Standard
SharpshooterMalachiteFirearm ATK +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X%Rare
MarksmanAlmandineFirearm Critical Hit Rate +X%, Firearm ATK +X%Rare
Better ConcentrationAlmandineFirearm Critical Hit Damage +X%Standard
Concentrate Support AmmoCeruleanRounds per Magazine +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Damage +X%Rare
Weak Point InsightMalachiteWeak Point Damage +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X%Rare
Reload ConcentrationCeruleanReload Time Modifier +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Damage +X%Rare
Fire Rate UpXanticFire Rate +X%Standard
Concentration StabilizerRutileRecoil -X%, Firearm Critical Hit Damage +X%Rare

And that’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Thunder Cage in The First Descendant. Nazeistra’s Devotion is another great Ultimate Weapon that you can keep in the secondary weapon slot.

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