All weapons in The First Descendant

Rishabh Sabarwal
The First Descendant Assault Rifle

The First Descendant boasts a massive arsenal of weapons to choose from to strengthen your build and complete missions with ease. Here’s a full list of all weapons in the game.

The First Descendant is finally out, and it brings a massive MMO experience for players looking to scratch that looter shooter itch. Players are tasked with multiple objectives to push back the alien opposition and collect resources to get new weapons and gear.

Each mission poses a significant challenge that tests your Descendant build and agility while using an arsenal of top weapons the game has to offer.

Choosing the right character attributes and weapons is vital to your success in The First Descendant, and you’ll want to be clearing missions fast so you can speed through the Battle Pass.

Here’s every weapon in The First Descendent, as well as their tiers and rarities.

The First Descendant Tank Hero
You can play The First Descendant in Solo or Co-Op lobbies.

Every weapon available in The First Descendant

Weapons in The First Descendant are divided into four classes based on their ammunition:

  • General Rounds
  • Special Rounds
  • Impact Rounds
  • High Power Rounds

Furthermore, these weapons are also categorized under four tiers: Normal, Rare, Ultimate, and Transcendent.

These rarities differ in damage outputs and overall performance of a weapon with Normal being the base tier and Transcendent being the highest one. Weapons can be upgraded at the Workbench in Albion to increase their overall stats, where upgrades include Weapon Level Transmissions, Unique Ability Enhancements, Reactor Enhancements, and Weapon Adjustments.

Below is every weapon divided along their ammo classes and the weapon type and rarity they belong to.

General Rounds weapons

The First Descendant General Rounds
Standard firearms belong to the General Rounds weapons category.

General Rounds weapons are Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, and Handguns that exist in four different tiers in The First Descendant. Here are all the weapons using General Rounds and their tiers:

Weapon NameTierWeapon Type
Hungry HoundNormalHandgun
Ominous HoundNormalAssault Rifle
AlbinismNormalSubmachine Gun
CygnusNormalMachine Gun
New BeginningRareHandgun
Rose of AishaRareHandgun
Millennium FrostRareHandgun
Red WolfRareHandgun
FireflyRareSubmachine Gun
Alter EgoRareSubmachine Gun
Blue Blood BloomerRareSubmachine Gun
Devil’s CallRareSubmachine Gun
TamerRareMachine Gun
Lion of Blue ManeRareMachine Gun
Unfinished StudyRareMachine Gun
Rascal V-51RareMachine Gun
Eternal WillpowerRareAssault Rifle
Phantom PainRareAssault Rifle
Caligo’s HornRareAssault Rifle
Magnus AARareAssault Rifle
The Final MasterpieceUltimateHandgun
The Last DaggerUltimateHandgun
PythonUltimateSubmachine Gun
Thunder CageUltimateSubmachine Gun
Albion Cavalry GunUltimateMachine Gun
Enduring LegacyUltimateMachine Gun
Divine PunishmentUltimateAssault Rifle
Fallen HopeUltimateAssault Rifle

Special Rounds weapons

The First Descendant Special Round weapons
Special Round weapons fire hard-hitting shots at enemies.

Special Rounds weapons are Beam Rifles and Tactical Rifles in The First Descendant which exist in four different tiers. Here are all the weapons using Special Rounds and their tiers:

Weapon NameTierWeapon Type
Red EyeNormalTactical Rifle
Moon FragmentNormalBeam Rifle
DetachmentRareTactical Rifle
ViperRareTactical Rifle
The UnwelcomedRareTactical Rifle
Young Noble’s AmbitionRareTactical Rifle
Dimensional BridgeRareBeam Rifle
Burning 44RareBeam Rifle
Dogma 21RareBeam Rifle
Greg’s Reversed FateUltimateTactical Rifle
Secret GardenUltimateTactical Rifle
ClairvoyanceUltimateBeam Rifle
King’s Guard LanceUltimateBeam Rifle

Impact Rounds weapons

The First Descendant Impact Round weapons
Impact weapons consist mostly of guns with heavier ammo and increased range.

Impact Rounds weapons are Scout Rifles and Hand Cannons which exist in four different tiers. Here are all the weapons using Impact Rounds and their tiers:

Weapon NameTierWeapon Type
Burning HoundNormalHand Cannon
Nightmare HoundNormalScout Rifle
Immediate ExecutionRareHand Cannon
Explorer’s PathRareHand Cannon
Assassin’s EdgeRareHand Cannon
Sonic Co-opRareScout Rifle
The Age of InnovationRareScout Rifle
Silly WeeperRareScout Rifle
Hero’s ScarRareScout Rifle
PerforatorUltimateHand Cannon
Nazeistra’s DevotionUltimateHand Cannon
Blue BeetleUltimateScout Rifle
Wave of LightUltimateScout Rifle

High Power Rounds weapons

The First Descendant High Power Rounds
Weapons with High Power Rounds deal some serious damage to enemies.

In The First Descendant, High Power Rounds weapons are Launchers, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles which exist in four different tiers. Here are all the weapons using High Power Rounds and their tiers:

Weapon NameTierWeapon Type
Recipient UnknownNormalSniper Rifle
Tamed BeastNormalLauncher
In a BlinkRareShotgun
The Last KnightRareShotgun
Different DreamRareSniper Rifle
BeliefRareSniper Rifle
Supermoon Z-15RareSniper Rifle
Forest GazeRareSniper Rifle
Vestigial OrganRareLauncher
Lightspeed BarrelRareLauncher
Guardian R4RareLauncher
Death RoarRareLauncher
Piercing LightUltimateSniper Rifle
Afterglow SwordUltimateSniper Rifle
Restored RelicUltimateLauncher
Sigvore’s ProofUltimateLauncher

That’s all the weapons available in The First Descendant for you to unlock and use in your next mission. If you’re just starting out, take a look at the best starter characters to pick and how to unlock Bunny in the game.