Best Blair build in The First Descendant: Skills, Weapons, Reactor & Modules

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best build blair

Blair can certainly bring the heat to enemies in The First Descendant – but to ensure he doesn’t burn up straight away, you’ll need the best build. So, here are the right Skills, weapons, Reactors, and Modules to help you succeed.

As a Chef turned soldier, Blair is no stranger to a stressful situation, nor is he a stranger to upping the heat when needed, which is likely why he’s so skilled in fire during combat. However, to avoid getting burned by a bad build, you’ll need to craft the perfect build.

So, with our tier list ranking Blair at B, he’s a force to be reckoned with when you’re using the best possible build.

Best Blair skills

As is the case with all Descendants, Blair has access to five skills in The First Descendant. If used correctly, they all can be incredibly powerful. But they have to be used tactically, as your MP is limited.

So, here are the three abilities we’d recommend you use:

  1. Blaze Up is easily the best Active Skill for Blair in The First Descendant. It allows for consistent damage thanks to the Burn Zone, and is perfect for taking down a tight group of enemies without needing to get yourself in danger.
  2. Deadly Cuisine is a fantastic choice for Blair thanks to its ranged damage and multiple targets. Given the ability splits into smaller fireballs which then turn into Burn Zones, you’re able to target tons of enemies and hopefully take them out without needing to fire too many shots.
  3. Lastly, Burn Taste is an ideal skill to have in Blair’s arsenal. Sure, it’s not as widespread as Deadly Cuisine or Blaze Up, but being able to deal deadly damage to one enemy rather than a little to a lot is perfect for a bigger boss or tougher challenge.

All Blair skills

The First Descendant Blair lore
Blair has some firey skills that are guaranteed to burn your opponents.

Below are the five available skills for Blair in The First Descendant:

  • Blaze Up: Spurts flame to deal damage to nearby enemies and creates Stove, which inflicts constant damage and Burn effect to nearby enemies.
  • Extinguish: Retrieves Stoves on the battlefield and restores Mana, increasing DEF for a short period of time.
  • Burn Taste: Spurts flames forward. Enemies near the flames’ arrival point are inflicted with constant damage and Burn.
  • Deadly Cuisine: Throws a large fireball. Large fireball splits into small fireballs causing extra explosions, inflicting Burn, and creating Stove on the ground. Stove deals constant damage to nearby enemies and inflicts them with Burn.
  • Pitmaster (Passive): Critical Hit Damage increases when attacking enemies in Burn state. Critical Hit Chance increases depending on the number of Stoves in battlefield.

Best weapons for Blair

A custom image of the Thunder Cage weapon in The First Descendant.
The Thunder Cage is a perfect weapon for Blair.

The best weapons for Blair are a combination of:

The Thunder Cage Submachine Gun is a powerful and high-speed weapon to use against your enemies. Thanks to Blair’s additional burn damage, you’ll be able to mow down smaller enemies with ease.

Blair thrives when he uses a Sniper Rifle, and the Afterglow Sword is your best choice in that category. Hitting enemy weak points with this weapon will inflict Death Propagation, and is perfect for longer-range Descendants, like Blair.

Lastly, a fantastic secondary weapon to use with Blair in The First Descendant is Nazeistra’s Devotion. This Hand Cannon can pack an impressive punch and reduce the enemy’s defense by 30% for three seconds, greatly increasing your critical hit chance through the Pitmaster passive, and allowing you to burn enemies to the ground without a struggle.

Best Reactor

With Blair focusing primarily on fire damage, you’re best off focusing on Reactors with Burn elements as their priority to get the best build. Alternatively, you could keep an eye on Reactors with high Skill or Attack power to give Blair a little boost.

We recommend picking up the following Reactors:

  • Burning Phase: Boosts Fire and Dimension types
  • Burning Singularity: Boosts Fire and Singular types

Best Modules for Blair

The First Descendant Blair skills
Blair is best focusing on increasing his skills through Modules.
1Classic ChefModifies the increase to Skill Critical Hit Rate to 5 based on the Flame Zone count. Using Deadly Cuisine increases the number of Flame Zones created to 4.Transcendent
2Skill Range MasteryIncreases the range of your skills.Rare
3Increased ShieldIncreases your max Shield.Standard
4Fire SpecialistIncreases the power of your Fire skills.Standard
5Skill ExpansionIncreases the effect range of your skills.Standard
6Focus on FireIncreases the skill power of your Fire skills and reduces cooldowns.Rare
7Dual ClawTurns your Sub Attack into a Dual Claw attack and increases Max Module Capacity.Standard
8Willpower EffluxIncreases your DEF while also improving your HP Heal.Rare
9Increased DEFIncreases your DEFStandard
10Increased HPIncreases your HPStandard
11Technique ManualSucceeding a skill deals a portion of your HP as damage to an enemy.Standard
12Regeneration BoostIncreases your HP Recovery Modifier.Standard

Given Blair’s love for Fire and the importance of his skills, it’s vital to choose Modules that will increase potency. The likes of Fire Specialists, Skill Range Master, and, of course, Classic Chef are perfect for Blair and his skills. Combine that with the classic Technique Manual and Willpower Efflux, and you’ll be a powerhouse.

Best External Components

Given that External Components are purely RNG-based drops, grabbing the right ones can be a bit of a frustrating grind in The First Descendant. However, these are the ones you’ll want to look out for with Blair:

  • Max Shields
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • DEF

Nothing is more frustrating than losing yourself in a battle, only to realize your Shield has gone down without you noticing. So, upgrading your shield with Max Shields is always a top priority for Blair. Combine that with your increased DEF and you’ve got a pretty sturdy Descendant on your hands.

Then, along with prioritizing your Shields and DEF, you’ll want to keep an eye on your HP. We suggest buffing your HP Recovery and Max HP to keep you and Blair in the battle a little longer.

How to unlock Blair

To unlock Blair in The First Descendant you’ll have to collect multiple crafting resources. These are the items required to get him:

Enhanced cell parts

  • Repton x192
  • Semiconstant Plasma x225
  • Arche Receptor x15
  • Blair Enhanced Cell Blueprint x1
  • x150,000 gold

Stabilizer parts

  • Repton x192
  • Hardner x453
  • Data Processing Cercuit x9
  • Blair Stablizer Blueprint x1
  • x150,000x gold

Spiral Catalyst parts

  • Metal Accelerant x270
  • Hardner x453
  • Monite Stone x16
  • Blair Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1
  • x150,000x gold

Blair code

  • Haigos (Normal) – Old Mystery

For a full rundown of how to unlock Blair, check out our dedicated guide.

That’s the best Blair build in The First Descendant. While leveling him up, check out some of our other build guides for AjaxBunnyFreynaGleyKyleLepic, and Valby.

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