How to unlock Gley in The First Descendant

Noelle Corbett

The dealer character Gley has emerged as one of The First Descendant’s strongest characters at launch, but it will take some effort to unlock the Hope Seeker.

Looter shooter The First Descendant has launched with 14 playable characters called Descendants to pick from. After you choose your starter character, though, you’ll have to put in some effort to unlock the others.

One character you’ll likely want to prioritize is Gley, especially if you didn’t choose Lepic, who also shares the Utility Dealer role.

Gley is perfect for those who favor high-risk-high-reward play, as she cannot have Shields or MP, but makes up for that with powerful attacks and recovery options. Here’s how to unlock her.

How to unlock Gley

There are two ways to unlock Gley, one of which requires you to purchase Caliber, The First Descendant’s premium currency.

You can purchase Gley for 600 Caliber, which will set you back around $15-$20, depending on how much currency you buy at once. She’s also one of the options in Descendant Ticket Package B, which costs 700 Caliber and includes some growth support boosts.

Fortunately, for those who don’t want to spend money on the game, you can unlock Descendants through gameplay.

To unlock Gley for free, you’ll first need to find Anais. The Magister is located in the southwestern area of Albion, in the room next to the City Entrance fast travel point.

From there, you’ll need to collect the following materials:

  • Gley Enhanced Cells
    • 246 Monad Shard
    • 430 Silicon
    • 38 Cooling Metal Foil
    • Gley Enhanced Cells Blueprint
  • Gley Stabilizer
    • 519 Metal Accelerant
    • 292 Flectorite
    • 60 Complex Carbon Activator
    • Gley Stabilizer Blueprint
  • Gley Spiral Catalyst
    • 363 Nanopolymers
    • 408 Ceramic Composite
    • 99 Synthesized Artificial Biometal
    • Gley Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
  • Gley Code

Note that many of the materials necessary are exclusive to certain areas and missions, so you’ll have to progress through the main story and level up a bit before you can grind the materials necessary to unlock Gley.

All Gley skills

Like other characters in the game, Gley has a unique set of skills that focus on dealing damage and recovering HP through kills.

Here’s what each skill does:

Passive Skill

Thirst – Cannot have Shield or MP. Creates Life Spheres upon killing enemies. Recovers HP and stores Power of Life when absorbing Life Spheres.

Active Skills

Frenzied – Consumes HP to enter Berserk mode. In Berserk mode, long distance weapon’s ATK and Penetration increase.

Life Siphon – Deals damage to nearby enemies and restores HP. In Berserk mode, damage increases; in Normal mode, damage inflicted by enemies decreases for a certain period of time.

Increased Sensory – Her Increased Sensory adds an infinite ammo effect for a certain amount of time during Frenzy, and when in a Non-Frenzied state, increases Movement Speed and HP Recovery during which Life Sphere generation is increased.

Massacre – Changes current Firearm to Massacre. Adds additional skill damage during Frenzied state, and inflicts Stun effect on hit enemies.

Gley’s lore

Gley was captain of Albion’s Medical Corps and had a daughter named Dia Elias. After losing her family on the battlefield, Gley didn’t want her daughter anywhere near combat.

Despite her mother’s objections, Dia asked Ajax (one of Gley’s colleagues and a fellow Descendant) for a recommendation letter to enlist in the military. Ajax wrote the letter, which damaged his relationship with Gley, who felt betrayed since the military academy professor knew of her tragic past.

Gley’s worst fears were realized after an incident in which both mother and daughter were captured by the Order of Truth and subjected to terrible experiments that involved injecting Vulgus DNA into human bodies.

After losing consciousness, Gley eventually found herself in a destroyed intensive care unit. The Medical Corps rescued her, but Dia remained missing. The fact that no body was found gave Gley hope that her daughter was still alive, giving her a reason to move forward – hence her title “Hope Seeker.”

Dedicating herself to the Medical Corps’ slogan, “Until the very end,” Gley started the search for Dia.

That’s everything to know about unlocking Gley! For more on The First Descendant, check out the rest of our coverage, which includes guides on how Mastery Ranks work, every weapon in the game, and the best build for Bunny.