How to solve Find the Flames puzzle in Fortnite

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Flames in Ruins

The latest Fortnite season features several hidden areas on the map that require players to solve puzzles to enter secret rooms. One of the puzzles is to find the flames and arrange them in a certain order. Here’s a detailed guide on how you can solve it easily.

The latest Fortnite season has added a number of map changes and new elements to the Battle Royale including a jungle biome complete with mud, ability fruits, and grind vines.

In addition, three new POIs have been introduced to the island, each of which leads to a different location with its own set of hidden missions, quests, and areas. These locations have Ruins and Temples, both of which house hidden rooms where you can find Epic and Legendary loot, as well as a few Gold Bars.

These hidden areas can only be accessed by solving puzzles that put a player’s intelligence and knowledge of Fortnite’s POIs to the test. Finding the flames and arranging them in the correct order is one such challenge.

Here’s how you can solve that easily in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3.

How to open secret room by solving ‘Find the Flames’ puzzle in Fortnite

Location of Secret Room
You need to reach a secret room and offer an item to open the door.

With the release of Chapter 4 Season 3, puzzles have been added to the game. Most of these are hidden away in secluded areas of ancient structures. They can only be accessed once you have two items of Epic rarity or higher in your inventory.

If you want to try your hand at unlocking one of the most valuable hidden rooms on the island, head to the spot on the map highlighted in the image above. When you get there, make sure you have two items of Epic rarity or above and that you’ve looted every chest in the region.

When you have what’s needed, you can head up the stairs to find a hidden entrance that requires a valuable sacrifice. Grant an item of Epic or higher rarity upon interaction. After that, the secret door will slowly open.

Opening door by solving flames puzzle in Fortnite
You need to locate the extinguished flames below the secret room to solve the puzzle to open the door.

After entering, continue walking forward until you reach a plank over a deep pit, from which you may easily descend to a statue guarding an Epic chest. In other words, you need to drop down and steal the loot from the statue’s chest. Once there, take note of the sequence in which the flames on the pedestals around the room are lit.

Then, after breaking a few boulders to exit yourself out of the ruins and back up the plank, you can return to the top of the steps. When you go to the plank area, there will be a second door where you have to make another sacrifice. It must be interacted with, and another Epic or higher item must be given in exchange, in order to unlock the door to the room containing the flames puzzle.

Fortnite Epic Chests in Secret
There are at least three Epic Chests inside the secret room behind flames puzzle.

When you walk in, you’ll notice similar flames displayed on pedestals. Proceed to the hidden entrance and interact with it; you’ll be prompted to “Find the Flames.” This makes perfect sense in light of the sequence of flames you observed on the level below.

Extinguish and relight part of the flames outside the hidden door, repeating the pattern you witnessed before. When you get the sequence right, a hidden room will open up, revealing several regular and epic chests for you to loot from.

So there you have it – that’s all you need to know about how to solve ‘Find The Flames’ puzzle in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3!

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