How to mark enemies in Fortnite

A fortnite player marking an enemyEpic Games

If you’re wondering how to mark enemies in Fortnite to complete a weekly quest or alert your teammates to incoming danger, our simple guide has all the answers you need.

One of the most useful features in Fortnite is the ability to use markers to highlight weapons, landing spots, or other players to your teammates. This is even more important if you don’t have voice chat.

Marking enemies can be the difference between staying alive or getting eliminated when you’re playing in Duos, Trios, or Squads – so you’ll find instructions on how to mark enemies in Fortnite below.

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Marking an enemy in FortniteEpic Games

How to mark enemies in Fortnite

The easiest way to mark enemies in Fortnite is to aim your reticle at them and double-tap the ‘place marker’ button.

You’ll need to check your button mapping in the settings menu to find out where the ‘place marker’ button is mapped, but if you’re using a controller, it should be ‘left’ on the D-pad by default.

Another way to mark enemies in Fortnite is to stand inside a Capture Point at any major POI for long enough to capture the flag. When you do this, any enemies inside the POI will be instantly marked.

A final method is to use the new Falcon Scout item. If you launch these into the air and press the ‘Scan for Enemies’ button that appears on the screen, you’ll be able to mark all opponents within a radius.

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Whichever method you use, be aware of your surroundings, as any time you spend trying to mark enemies could be leaving you vulnerable to damage.

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