Fortnite player reveals genius method to trap Medallion holders in Battle Royale

Josh Taylor
Fortnite Medallions player

A Fortnite player has revealed an easy and ingenious trap that will let you get the perfect revenge on players using Medallions in Battle Royale, every single time.

Fortnite is finally drawing to a close with its first season of Chapter 5. It has become most known for its three new modes that dropped into the game as well as some major collabs and new additions.

One of these new additions that has shaken up the meta in Chapter 5 is Medallions. These were widely considered as being way too OP when they initially launched into the Battle Royale.

Despite being less dominant thanks to a few nerfs by Epic, they still have proved to be one of the most popular strategies that players abuse in their matches.

However, one player has now revealed how you can get the perfect revenge on those pesky Medallions hunters, which lets you easily trap and eliminate them every single time.

Fortnite player reveals genius trap for Medallion users

Fortnite player and creator GoatR2 has shown off and broken down the best way to trap players with Medallions in the Battle Royale mode.

In the clip, they began by stating: “I came up with a new way to trap Medallion players and it’s a little toxic.” Before trying out the method, you would need a Medallion, car, sniper and a bush close by.

“First put the Medallion on the ground and cover it up with your car. Then shoot out the windshield and hop in a bush with your sniper. This makes it so your enemies have to move the car in order to get the Medallion, making for a pretty easy snipe.”

GoatR2 specifically targets a player who was already holding one Medallion. This makes it much easier to attract the player, as their yellow circle location shows up on the map and they’re likely to want another Medallion for the increased benefits.

As shown in the clip, the creator uses the road coming out of Pleasant Piazza, and parks their jeep directly opposite the bush they are hiding in.

By simply lining up your sniper to where the opponent’s head would be when they enter the vehicle in order to move it, you can hit the perfect headshot for a quick elimination every single time.

With Chapter 5 Season 2 rapidly approaching, and it being unknown whether Medallions will carry on through to next season, make sure to try it out and get your revenge while you still can.

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