Fortnite player shows how to get perfect aim assist in Chapter 5

Rishabh Sabarwal
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A Fortnite player has revealed a method to get the perfect controller aim assist in Chapter 5. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Fortnite players continuously seek new strategies, concepts, and ways to improve their game. The ultimate goal for Battle Royale players is to achieve a high number of eliminations, accumulate XP, and win the coveted Victory Royale.

Although it still contains its own set of bugs, which players constantly exploit to get an advantage in the game. In Battle Royale shooting games like these, the most common exploit players use is their ability to improve their aim by employing hacks or tricks.

While games like Call of Duty offer an aim assist option and other settings, Fortnite also provides aim assist to controller players in its own unique way. However, it might be difficult for each player to select the optimal configuration that would provide them with an aiming edge.

Fortnite player with a strong aim assist in Chapter 5
You can now enhance your aim assist using an optimal setting in Chapter 5.

However, one player has discovered the right technique to use controller aim assist perfectly in Fortnite Chapter 5. Here’s how it works.

Fortnite player reveals the best controller aim assist setting for Chapter 5

An Instagram page named FortniteWinsGuide revealed a genius method of using controller aim assist that works perfectly in Chapter 5. In the video, the user explains how in the recent updates in Fortnite Chapter 5, using specific settings can increase the intensity of aim assist for controller players and snap the crosshair to the target more easily as it did in earlier seasons.

Controller settings for strong aim assist in Fortnite Chapter 5.
Perfect controller settings for stronger aim assist in Fortnite Chapter 5.

To enable it, head over to your controller settings menu in Fortnite. From there, adjust the Look Dampening Time to 0.11 Seconds under the Advanced Sensitivity settings. Then, under the Quick Weapon (Beta), adjust Show Diamond Delay to 0.10 Seconds. Next, click on Copy From Legacy and choose Don’t Save.

Once done, head into a Battle Royale match and equip a weapon to try out your enhanced Aim Assist settings. Upon watching the clip several players turned in their thoughts. One such player said, “This has to be a joke, controller players have dominated in aiming for years and now they get this? This is borderline cheating.”

Another chimed in, “I would use it but if everyone is op, would make the game boring and what’s the point if I’ll have a** aim in other games, rather train and achieve natural skill.”

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