How to get Galaxy Crossfade skin in Fortnite

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Galaxy Crossfade skin

Fortnite’s newest skin, the Galaxy Crossfade, comes as a pleasant surprise to players who own the original Samsung Galaxy-themed outfits. To those wondering how they can get their hands on the latest skin, here’s everything you need to know.

The Galaxy skin is a celestial marvel that sticks out among the many Fortnite skins. When it was released in 2018 as a Samsung exclusive, the Galaxy skin proved an instant hit with players.

This bold collaboration was a turning point for Fortnite as it launched on Android then and brought together gamers and tech-savvy consumers. Through the years that followed, a plethora of Galaxy-themed outfits were added to the game and made available to players on all platforms through the Item Shop.

The newest Galaxy Crossfade cosmetic has arrived in Fortnite as a result of a new partnership between Samsung and Epic Games in Chapter 4 Season 3. Here’s everything you need to know on how to get the skin.

How to get the Galaxy Crossfade outfit in Fortnite

Epic Games and Samsung announced that the newest Galaxy Cup 4 will take place on Android devices on July 29, 2023, and on all Fortnite-supported platforms on July 30, 2023. The tournament’s format will be Zero Build Solos and players from all regions will compete to win the Galaxy Crossfade skin and other cosmetic items included in the set.

The day’s top players in each region will receive the Galaxy Crossfade Outfit, Crossfade’s Equalizer Back Bling, Spinback Slicer Pickaxe, BPM Breakdown Emote, and Crossfade’s Galaxy Wrap. In addition, any participant who earns eight or more points will receive the House Cat Spray.

All players who win the Galaxy Crossfade Outfit during the tournament will receive the Encore Crossfade and Cosmic Crossfade Styles in a future game update. When the Outfit becomes available in the Item Shop in the future, however, these styles will also be included.

Each day, participants will have two hours and seven matches to earn the most possible points. To compete, however, players must have a minimum Bronze III rank in the game’s Ranked mode.

So there you have it – that’s all you need to know on how to get the Galaxy Crossfade skin in Fortnite!

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