Samsung shut down links to leaked Fortnite Galaxy Unpacked skins

Eli Becht
Fortnite Iris Skin

A leaked Fortnite skin has the community buzzing, but a Samsung representative did his best to cool down rumors it will be a new Galaxy skin.

Plenty of cosmetics leaked once the v11.40 update came out in Fortnite, one of them being the Iris skin, which fans instantly linked to Samsung.

Longtime players will no doubt know that Samsung skins have appeared in the past, with the most recent one being the GLOW outfit, available to players who owned a Galaxy device.

Fortnite GLOW Skin

While this rumor has already gained a lot of steam, a Samsung employee fanned the flames and said the company doesn’t know anything about the Iris skin but did say they was a fan.

I’ve just checked and at the moment, we don’t have any information about this skin, which looks good by the way,” said the employee, before teasing fans with some future news. “I suggest to watch the Galaxy Unpacked live stream on Tuesday, February 11. Perhaps we will announce something about a new skin, who knows..”

It’s a strange situation because the skin rumors are extinguished, but then started right back up again in the very same tweet.

Fortnite players are encouraged to tune in to the Galaxy Unpacked stream in February, where we might be getting a look at some new game content.

Normally, this would just feel like a way for Samsung to promote their event where they’d show off new products, but it might be worth looking a bit more into this one because of the fact they have added skins to Fortnite before.

It’s worth mentioning that no leaker has outright said the Iris skin will be a Samsung exclusive, but enough hints are there for them to make the link.

As with any leak of this nature, it’s important to take it with a pinch of salt because plans change all the time. Until we get official word from Epic or Samsung themselves, all we can do is speculate.

That said, this would certainly be a nice skin to our hands on, so here’s to hoping it enters the game in the near future.

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