Fortnite might come back to iPhone devices following EU regulation changes

Fortnite characters on an iPhoneEpic Games

After an absence of three years, Fortnite might soon be available on Apple devices again, thanks to new EU Regulations slated for the next iOS 17. Check out the newest information on how this might make the lives of millions of iPhone gamers a lot more enjoyable.

Everyone who plays Fortnite has probably wondered whether and when the game would come back to iOS devices after Epic Games and Apple got into one of the most heated feuds in the video game business. In 2020, Epic launched a lawsuit against Apple Inc., which at the time levied a platform fee against developers for each in-game purchase made through the App Store.

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Apple 'wins' Fortnite lawsuit against Epic, but must reform their in-app purchases policyEpic Games / Apple
Apple ‘wins’ Fortnite lawsuit against Epic, but must reform their in-app purchases policy

Because of this, V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game money, were priced more than they are on PC and Console versions of the game. Epic Games did not shy away from throwing barbs at the huge tech powerhouse of Silicon Valley from time to time, and the lawsuit received enough attention to ultimately result in Epic Games losing the case.

iOS 17 may bring back the game launcher for Fortnite, which had previously only been accessible through cloud gaming services like Nvidia’s GeForce NOW and XCloud. This paves the way for gamers to get their hands on Epic Games Launcher and play the game on any iOS gadget of their choosing.

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New EU Regulations might allow iOS users to play Fortnite once again

According to recent reports, iOS 17 will be released later this year for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, and in accordance with EU legislation, users will be able to sideload applications that are not currently accessible in the App Store.

Since no equivalent rule has been established for the U.S. market, this would only apply to EU regions where iPhone and iPad customers reside. Moreover, a user named DuckyTheGamer tweeted the news, providing the real reason why players may once again enjoy Fortnite on Apple devices.

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The rules will reportedly make it possible for users to sideload apps like Google Play Services or Epic Games Launcher, which host a number of other apps that can only be accessed through the hosted apps.

Once this occurs, gamers may grab the most recent Fortnite update from the Epic Games launcher and play it at the highest possible resolution for their device.

iPhone gamers are already excited for the launch of iOS 17, but speculation that it will arrive in September just adds fuel to the fire. We will keep you informed of any new information on this possibility as players continue to speculate on it.

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