How to get the Invincible skins in Fortnite

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fortnite invincible skinsEpic Games

Invincible skins hit the Fortnite Item Shop on Friday, November 24. Here’s what to expect in terms of content and how to unlock all of them.

Fortnite dataminers recently uncovered cosmetic items related to Invincible. The leaks suggested that skins for Invincible, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve were in the works, alongside a new loading screen inspired by the series.

Interestingly, the speculation didn’t stew for very long since the Fortnite news feed outed the new content prematurely.

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With Invincible and Co. definitely slated to land on the Island soon, here’s everything players need to know.

When will Fortnite’s Invincible skins officially go live?

The Fortnite x Invincible collab will become available via the Item Shop on Friday, November 24 at 7:00 PM ET. Once Epic updates the shop, players will be able to get their hands on skins and cosmetics for Invincible, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve.

At the time of writing, V-Buck pricing details for the new offerings have not been revealed.

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fortnite invincible skinsEpic Games

Invincible’s Fortnite cosmetics

As one would expect, Invincible-themed DLC will come with a Mark Grayson skin modeled after the hero’s appearance in the Prime TV series.

He’ll also be able to use a Burger Mart Bag Back Bling, Fastest Fastball Emote, and Reaniman Arm pickaxe (via ShiinaBR). Apparently, this particular crossover will only feature one emote.

An Invincible Hero Wrap will also hit the shop, allowing Fortnite players to decorate their favorite weapons and vehicles in the character’s iconic color scheme.

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Omni-Man’s Fortnite cosmetics

After taking over Mortal Kombat 1, Omni-Man will wreak havoc on Fortnite with a skin that showcases the Viltrumite in all his glory. Extras related to Omni-Man include a Cape Back Bling, Immortal’s Head Back Bling, Omni-Man Emblem Cape Back Bling, and a pickaxe modeled after War Woman’s mace.

fortnite invincible skinsEpic Games

Atom Eve’s Fortnite cosmetics

Atom Eve serves as another of the Invincible skins flying into Fortnite on November 24. In addition to her cape-clad skin, Atom Eve will also bring along the following: Subatomic Swords pickaxe, Atom Eve Emblem Back Bling, Atom Eve Emblem Cape Back Bling, and Eve’s Cape Back Bling.

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Finally, the Fortnite and Invincible crossover will additionally introduce a brand-new loading screen with art from Invincible’s comic artist, Ryan Ottley.

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