Invincible Season 2: Where is Omni-Man?

Cameron Frew
Omni-Man in InvinciblePrime Video

Invincible Season 2 has arrived, but Omni-Man is nowhere to be seen on Earth – so where is he?

In our review, we said the first four episodes “wipe the floor with every other superhero show; it’s provocative, compulsively watchable TV that upends expectations on its own devastating terms.”

Fans are treated to some incredibly brutal Omni-Man action in the opening scenes of Season 2, with Mark and his dad making light work of the Immortal before honing in a bunker underneath a battered and blazing Chicago, where the Guardians of the Globe are hiding alongside Angstrom Levy.

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Thankfully, while it’s not a dream, it is another timeline – and we don’t see Omni-Man for the rest of the episode. So, where is he?

Where is Omni-Man in Invincible Season 2?

Omni-Man is reintroduced at the end of Episode 3, where Mark comes face to face with him in Thraxa. You can read more about that here.

Omni-Man in the final scene of Invincible Season 2, Episode 3.Prime Video

Omni-Man’s specter lingers in every scene in Episode 1; Mark is worried he’ll transform into the villain his dad became without even knowing it, and Debbie can’t process the lies of the past 20 years – and she particularly hates that she was described as a “pet.”

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We last saw him rocketing into space, covered in his son’s blood after beating him to within an inch of his life, with tears falling off his face. It’d be easy to assume he was returning home to his own world – but that may not be a good idea.

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As Allen the Alien warned Mark, Viltrumites aren’t known for changing their minds – they sent Nolan to prepare Earth for conquest, and if he’s abandoned his post, he’ll be on their sh*t list as much as everyone else on the planet. Wherever he is, he’s probably hiding from the Viltrum Empire.

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“The less said about Nolan, I think the better at this point. I’ll just say that I wouldn’t wager that we’ll go the entire season without seeing him,” creator Robert Kirkman told IGN.

“He’ll probably crop up when you least expect it, and he may be popping up in ways that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. So, I think I’ve said as much as I can say.”

Invincible Season 2 Episodes 1-3 are available to stream on Prime Video now, which you can sign up for here. Check out our other coverage below:

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