Mortal Kombat 1 leakers discover Omni-Man’s scrapped Kameo Kill move

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MK1 dataminers uncovered unused animations for Omni-Man that suggest developers created a “Kameo Kill” move for the Invincible character.

Omni-Man joined the Mortal Kombat 1 roster early in November, counting as the title’s first Kombat Pack addition. Like other playable fighters, the Invincible antagonist entered the fray with his own Fatalities, Brutalities, special moves, and gear.

Not every aspect of Omni-Man’s arrival garnered praise from the MK community, however. Many were upset that the Kombat Pack didn’t include his Announcer Voice, extra content that essentially boasts a $10 price tag.

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Still, those who own the character seem to be enjoying pitting him against Mortal Kombat’s finest. But there’s reason to believe that developers once had even bigger plans for the Viltrumite.

MK1 leakers unearth unused Kameo Kill move for Omni-Man

Mortal Kombat-dedicated Twitter/X account Thethiny recently discovered mentions of a “Mustache Brutality” and “Kameo Kill” in datamined files. These findings prompted reputable dataminer Interloko to dig deeper. In so doing, the leaker unearthed animations that aren’t currently present in Mortal Kombat 1.

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Interloko specifically found animations tied to the missing Kameo Kill content. One such animation lets Omni-Man attempt to grab his Kameo; should he succeed, he can either use the ally character defensively or offensively.

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The defensive maneuver turns the Kameo into a body shield that absorbs incoming damage. Notably, the discarded animations show that Omni-Man also has the option to toss aside the Kameo.

In terms of offensive attacks, Omni-Man’s scrapped Kameo Kill animations in MK1 reveal that he once had the ability to throw his Kameo at opponents. The throw only works in the forward or backward directions, but a Kameo character like Motaro seems to have a much more involved animation.

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Interloko noted that descriptions for the animations indicate Omni-Man wouldn’t be able to call upon his Kameo after throwing them offensively – except for solo breakers.

For now, it’s unclear if this particular Omni-Man content has been completely discarded or if it will surface at a later date.

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