Fortnite: How to fly 100 meters in the air in a vehicle

Rishabh Sabarwal
Rogue Bike in air in Fortnite

A newly added Fortnite challenge in the Summer Escape questline requires players to fly 100 meters in the air in a vehicle. Considering there are no aerial vehicles in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, completing the quest can be quite tricky – so we’ve got a guide here to help you do it.

Fortnite quests are crucial to progressing through the game since they reward players with XP and progress toward their Battle Pass tiers in return for completing certain in-game tasks. Players have plenty of opportunities to earn free rewards and XP throughout the game, especially during events like the recent Summer Escape.

An additional questline, Summer Escape Quests, offering free cosmetic rewards and XP has been added to the game this month as part of a new Fortnite event. This questline features some out-of-the-ordinary challenges that put players through their paces.

Since there are no aerial vehicles on the island in Chapter 4 Season 3, completing a quest that requires you to travel 100 meters in the air presents a significant challenge. The current Fortnite vehicles, however, make short work of the quest’s requirements.

Here’s how to complete this Fortnite quest easily.

Rogue Bike quest steps in Fortnite
Players need to first acquire a vehicle and launch it off a high ground.

How to fly 100 meters in the air in a vehicle in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

You need to be well-versed on the various vehicles found on the Fortnite island before you can begin the quest. Among the vehicles available this season are the OG Bear, Mudflap, Rogue Bike, Nitro Drifter, and Dirt Bike.

However, the Rogue Bike’s boosting abilities will allow you to ride further in the air, therefore we recommend using it. To begin this quest, you should head to Mega City and acquire a Rogue Bike.

Once you’ve done that, drive west of Mega City to the steep hill that’s close to the POI. As soon as you reach the peak, you’ll be able to see the Mega City POI in front of you.

Rogue Bike flying towards Mega City in Fortnite
Make sure to keep boosting your vehicle in the air as longer as you can to reach further.

Simply accelerate your Rogue Bike off the hill and keep boosting the vehicle while looking straight. Repeat the process until you have traveled 100 meters in the air on your vehicle. Once you do so, your progress prompt will appear notifying you that your Fortnite quest is now completed.

If you choose, you can also use ramps that have been strategically placed on high ground throughout the Fortnite island to launch any vehicle. The goal is to drive the vehicle as far as possible in the air, so you’ll want to build up some speed before launching it from a high spot.

So there you have it – that’s all you need to know about how to fly 100 meters in the air in a vehicle in Fortnite!

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