All LEGO Fortnite leaks: Rift Hammer, new mobs & more

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LEGO Fortnite is set to introduce a plethora of new content following the Gone Fishin’ update. Here’s all the content that has been leaked so far.

Playing LEGO Fortnite is like stepping into the dynamic and constantly changing world of the hit Battle Royale title. All the thrills of a classic survival game are present for players to experience, including visiting various biomes, building structures, and fighting alongside their favorite characters.

Fans can now physically engage with the blocks they’ve grown to love, thanks to the meticulous recreation of the game’s design in LEGO style, which elevates the gameplay experience. The fact that LEGO Fortnite is popular shows how iconic both brands are.

Leaks on the upcoming 2024 update have begun to surface online, after Epic Games’ official announcement of the update.

LEGO Fortnite team
LEGO Fortnite is currently the most popular game in the Fortnite ecosystem.

Every LEGO Fortnite leak so far

Multiple creditable leakers have revealed a series of upcoming features in LEGO Fortnite on Twitter/X. Thanks to these, players can finally have a look at the content Epic has in store for their user base once the update arrives. Here’s all that has been leaked so far.


Trader NPCs

According to the leak, new Trader NPCs will be added to LEGO Fortnite that will trade items and resources with players.

There will be three types of traders in the game. Here are their interaction lines:

  • Wolf: I’m called Wolf… I’m in the business of trading everything necessary for construction.
  • Fox: The name is Fox. If you’re hungry, I’ll sell you some snacks!
  • Raccoon: My name is Raccoon. If you bring me some nice junk, I’ll exchange it for all kinds of junk!

While these trader NPCs will be a blessing to some players, currently there is no known currency in the game that they can use for purchasing said resources.

Create your own Zipline

A leaked feature that will make traversal way quicker is the Zipline Pole, which is rumored to arrive in LEGO Fortnite in a future update.

As inspired by games like Death Stranding, where players can place poles and create a zipline, this tool will allow players to create a similar traversal tool in their LEGO Fortnite world.


Have you been crafting and using explosive barrels lately to break large structures or rocks or even battling a brute?

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that a leaked Catapult weapon that players saw in the LEGO Fortnite gameplay trailer will soon make it to the game. Players will be able to craft the catapult and then load it to destroy structures from a distance.

A Compass

One of the painstaking things in LEGO Fortnite is to navigate without being confused in your procedurally generated world. Players who are new to such survival games are already complaining about the map traversal being a challenge for them.

Battle Royale Cannon enters LEGO Fortnite

A classic item from Fortnite Battle Royale, Pirate Cannon, is making its way into the LEGO Fortnite world, as per the leak.

While you’d need enough resources to craft it first, it is rumored to function similarly to the Battle Royale cannon, where you can enter it and fly far away or shoot projectiles.

New mobs

Several leaks online have revealed that a bunch of animals and enemies will be added with the LEGO Fortnite update, including bears, bats, eagles, deer, beetles, and many more.

  • Bat
  • Bear (Brown, Black, Polar, and Skeleton)
  • Beamer (Forest and Ice)
  • Burrower (Normal and Sand)
  • Charger (Marble and Snow)
  • Deer
  • Eagle
  • Elk
  • Frog
  • Grass Snake
  • Horn Beetle (Normal and Miniboss)
  • Loot Lama (Silver and Gold)
  • Mauler
  • Pig
  • Seagull
  • Slammer
  • Stormsick Crab
  • Stormsick Scorpion
  • Stormsick Spider
  • Swooper
  • Wolf (Dark and Stormsick)

Although the list is quite long and contains several unconfirmed creatures, it seems highly likely that Epic will increase the population of such mobs in the game, similar to its competitor Minecraft.

New food options – including potions

Since there is only a select choice of food items and potions currently in LEGO Fortnite, leaks hint towards many more coming to the game.

Among those are foods that reduce hunger, like cookies, mushrooms, pies, apple juice, and many more. Moreover, bonus foods will give you abilities like increasing jump height and damage dealt to enemies, which can buff you momentarily in the survival world.

Stun Gun

Stud Gun is an assault rifle that is leaked to be one of the upcoming weapons in LEGO Fortnite.

It belongs to the “Ranged Weapons” section and will be a fully automatic weapon. However, it’s still unclear whether it will have infinite ammo or you’ll need to craft it. Either way, it’ll be pretty effective for survival.

Become a hunter with the Bow

A bow has been leaked to be coming in LEGO Fortnite; however, there’s not much info available at the time of writing.

It’s codenamed “BaseBow” and should work similarly to some of the other survival games like Minecraft.

Gravity Gun

The Gravity Gun is leaked to be one of the upcoming weapons that will allow you to grab things and throw them at enemies or other players.

If this weapon makes its way to the game, you can get as much creative since there’ll be countless possibilities. It has the potential to be valuable in both combat and other utility.

New Prop Themes

There are new themes coming to LEGO Fortnite, according to leaks, which would be additions to Pleasant Park, Shogun, Log Cabin, and Majestic Manor. While these titles are unknown, leakers have revealed potential items that could be added to the sets.

Tier-5 weapons and tools

A new tier of weapons and tools is coming to LEGO Fortnite that will be stronger than the purple-tier items already in the game. What will be used to craft these items is currently unknown.

Rift items

A new weapon rarity titled ‘Rift’ has been leaked as well. These items have a crystal-like appearance and feature a new kind of item – a hammer.

PvP mode

Patch 28.10 may introduce a PvP mode, as soon as the update goes live or sometime after. That said, details are scarce at the moment.

So there you have it – all you need to know about all the upcoming leaked features in LEGO Fortnite. We’ll keep this section updated with more such leaks as they drop online.

Till then, check out our other guide content to help you survive in LEGO Fortnite, and stay tuned with us right here at Dexerto.

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