LEGO Fortnite players cast their complaints over missing Gone Fishin’ features

Jeremy Gan
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LEGO Fortnite players are pointing out missing features in the Gone Fishin’ update as the game focuses on fishing rather than travel options. 

Ever since it launched at the start of Chapter 5, LEGO Fortnite has become quite the hit for Epic Games as the survival game mode saw a breath of fresh air for battle royale. 

However, ever since its release in late December 2023, the game has been slow with new content as it released right on the holidays. But the game just released its first big update, Gone Fishin’, adding in a plethora of new features. 

But, despite the huge update, players are casting their complaints over some missing features that the Gone Fishin’ update missed. 

As you can tell by the name, Gone Fishin’ focuses on adding fishing to LEGO Fortnite, among other new additions from a plethora of fishes, to new tools, and even new resources. 

However, despite coming out to the celebration of the community as you can now fish with the boys, many point out that this update doesn’t fix a long-time problem in most players’ playthroughs, traveling the world. 

 “Please, just give us a better method of travel,” a player commented in the LEGO Fortnite subreddit on the update. “A horse, a donkey, a rabbit, a giraffe, a scooter that takes slurp juice as fuel. I don’t care. Anything.” 

Another player questioned, “Nothing added for traveling this HUGE map? Can you just give us back the unlimited grappler until you do?” 

With another describing the pains, they go through to travel the map to their other bases. “Getting pushed off my ship, dying on purpose, respawning on the ship, and lowering the ship at least two times per one-way trip between my bases is such a pain in the ass at the moment,” they wrote. 

So LEGO Fortnite players will need to wait and see if Epic in a future update brings another big update, hopefully with more methods of travel.

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