LEGO Fortnite’s first big update in 2024 adds something no one expected

Daniel Appleford
LEGO Fortnite Gone Fishin

LEGO Fortnite just released its first big update in 2024 by adding a feature that no one saw coming – fishing.

Several leaks have revealed a mountain of new content coming to Fortnite, such as new weapons, building materials, and more. However, due to the game’s release at the beginning of December, there have been little content updates since the developers were on break.

Without new content coming to the game, fans have pleaded for devs to give new life to the title… Especially with the average player count dropping from upwards of a million to just a couple hundred thousand.

Before the release of the new update, LEGO Fortnite teased its release with an image of popular villager Fishstick with the caption, ‘What could be getting reeled in soon‘ – which gave an obvious hint towards what was to come.

LEGO Fortnite introduces Gone Fishin’ update

The latest update to LEGO Fortnite introduces the ability to craft a fishing rod, catch 15 different types of fish, and build a food processor.

LEGO Fortnite Fish

Different fish can be caught depending on the biome and weather conditions that the player is in. There will also be legendary versions of each fish that can be displayed in a future update.

Other sea-faring items have also been added to the game to keep up with the fishing theme. Players can now craft a compass and a spyglass to help guide them on their fishing expeditions.

Players have given mixed reactions to the game’s new update due to the main premise being centered on fishing. However, the additional items being added have helped the hype.

“Spyglass is a huge addition for me,” said one Redditor. “While fishing will be fun, I wanted more from this update in the ways of transportation and building. But I know that’ll come eventually.”

Check out the LEGO Fortnite site for the complete breakdown of the upcoming patch that releases on the evening of February 21.

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