LEGO Fortnite teases new animal feature and farming in upcoming update

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LEGO Fortnite character smiling.

Players could potentially keep wild animals and delve more into farming in the next update, based on recent clips from the official LEGO Fortnite X account.

LEGO Fortnite has shared a short clip in an X post teasing what players can expect in the game’s next update. From the looks of it, local animals may soon show interest in one’s village, leading a villager to wonder if they want to live with the player.

This could mean that players will finally be able to befriend animals and live with them in their base, potentially expanding the farming aspect of the game. 

At the time of writing, you can pet animals in the game and they’ll drop something useful for you in return. But it’s not possible to keep them inside your base, as they’ll just wander and even despawn if you venture away.

If the leaks are true, it’s likely that we’ll be getting new animals in the near future, such as bears, frogs, beetles, and many more. 

Additionally, in another recent leak posted by well-known leaker iFireMonkey, a new consumable item called “Animal Cookies” will become available to tame creatures.

Though these are all leaks that have yet to be confirmed, so do take the information with a grain of salt.

Aside from animals, a separate post from the LEGO Fortnite X account uploaded a clip featuring another teaser showing a speed build of a stable.

The finished build has crops nearby and a watering trough, which could indicate that you’ll likely need to take care of the animals if they live in your base.

Fortnite’s v29.30 update is scheduled to kick in on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, and only time will tell what new features the game mode has in store for players.

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