How to defend in EA FC 24: Best PlayStyles, tips, settings, & more

Ryan Lemay
EA FC 24 player tackling opponent using Slide Tackle PlayStyle in EA FC 24.

Defending and keeping clean sheets is pivotal for achieving victory in EA Sports FC 24. Here is everything you need to know about how to defend in EA FC 24.

Preventing goals and defending are arguably the most challenging aspects of EA FC 24. Countering attacks and handling one-on-one situations in the box can be daunting, especially with attackers armed with more tools than ever before.

Precision passing makes it easier than ever to tear down an entire defensive line with one kick of the ball, and there are seven new skill moves for opponents to terrorize you with. If that wasn’t scary enough, control sprint is a new running mechanic that offers an ankle-breaking change of pace ability.

All of that to say, it’s a tough year to be a defender and keep a clean sheet. But there are still plenty of tricks to employ to catch an attacker off guard and shut down a game.

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Best EA FC 24 defending settings

For starters, let’s address the hottest topic among community members. In the Game Settings menu and under Gameplay, players can select Tactical Defending, which will automatically choose between a standing tackle and a more physical tackle when the O or B button is pressed.

On the other hand, Advanced Defending allows players to choose the type of challenge they want to perform. O or B is for a standing tackle, and X or A initiates a shoulder challenge or seal-out. If you are new to FC 24 or not confident in your situational awareness, it makes more sense to stick to Tactical Defending.

However, if you take the time to learn the timing and how to utilize it correctly, Advanced Defending is a game changer. Especially the new seal-out mechanic, which is perfect to use on an attacker attempting to create an opening in the box.

We also recommend changing clearance assistance to Directional instead of Classic because Directional allows players to choose which direction to clear a ball instead of being random.

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Best EA FC 24 defending PlayStyles

When choosing players to add to your Ultimate Team squad or making a Pro Clubs build, there are a few defensive PlayStyles to look for first.

First, Block Increases the reach and ability to perform a block. This PlayStyle is a must-have on center backs to make blocking shot attempts in the box easier. We believe the next most important PlayStyle is Jockey, which increases the max speed and transition speed of sprint jockeying. With how easy it is this year for an attacker to change their speed, this ability makes it easier to mark tighter.

And, finally, Intercept improves the reach and chance of retaining possession when attempting to steal a pass. Without this PlayStyle, balls have a higher chance of bouncing off the defender and going right back to the attacker.

Best EA FC 24 defending tips

Now that you know the best settings and PlayStyles, let’s jump into what players should focus on while actually putting their skills into practice. Our first piece of advice is to forget everything you previously knew about tackling and re-wire your brain to stop lunging in with tackles.

Missing one tackle can result in an easy counterattack for your opponent. Instead of lunging in, we recommend sprint jockeying in most defensive scenarios. Normal jockeying is too slow, but holding L2 + R2 or LT + RT makes it possible to keep up with an attacker, and the jockey PlayStyle increases that probability.

We recommend sprint jockeying in the box to keep attackers wide and prevent them from getting a clear angle on goal. When you need to dive in for a challenge, slid tackles are effective in EA FC 24 and useful for blocking shots in the box.

If you decide to learn Advanced Defending, the new seal-out tackle comes in handy when trying to safely take on an opponent without conceding a penalty.

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