How to use precision passing in EA FC 24

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With the introduction of precision passing in EA FC 24, players gain unprecedented control over passing, which is critical for navigating the game‘s challenges. Here’s how to master this new passing mechanic.

Misdirected passes in EA FC 24 can swiftly turn into counter-attacks, given the heightened difficulty of defense in the latest edition. Players without a PlayStyle geared towards improving ground passes, like Tiki Taka, will struggle more to find open teammates.

Fortunately, FC 24 adds precision passing, which allows players to pinpoint exactly where they want to place a ball. In previous series entries, passes were a combination of skill and luck, as it was impossible to know where exactly a ball would go after it left a player’s foot.

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As the name suggests, precision passes use a cursor to indicate a ball’s precise trajectory. Having the power to reach anywhere on the field is an absolute game-changer, but the feature comes with a steep learning curve.

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How does precision passing work in EA FC 24?

Here are the three types of precision passes in FC 24.

Precision PassR1 + Triangle RB + Y Functions like a through ball but with added control over its direction. Can also be used for normal passes to feet.
Precision LobR1 + Square RB + XSimilar to the precision pass, but through the air instead.
Swerving Precision PassL2 + R1 + TriangleLT + RB + YAdds curve to the pass, making it possible to bypass defenders.

The inputs don’t fully explain how the feature works. Once you press R1 or RB, a white indicator will appear. And then, it is up to you to move that cursor exactly where you want the pass to go. Lastly, you press either of the pass buttons and hold down to dictate power after deciding if you want to put the pass in the air or on the ground.

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However, you don’t always want to use precision passing because it takes time to use the cursor and aim where you want to place a pass. We recommend only relying on this feature to send balls down the wing or into the box.

Additionally, we recommend combining this new mechanic with manual runs. While holding the ball, you can press L1 or LB and send the nearest teammate on a run by flicking the right stick where you want them to go. After flicking the right stick, you can combine the two mechanics to pull off previously unimaginable attacks.

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It’s important to note that precision passing makes up for a player not having good passing stats, but it doesn’t entirely compensate. Passing PlayStyles and better attributes make precision passing even more accurate.

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