EA FC 24 Celebrations list: Controls guide for best & new celebrations

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Sam Kerr in EA FC 24 sliding on knees with celebrations text and logo on topGraphics: EA SPORTS

The proper way to release all the accumulated adrenaline after clinching that last-second goal is through an iconic and jaw-dropping celebration. Discover how to perform the newest and most epic celebrations added to EA FC 24 to increase your showboating skills in the game.

When EA Sports rolled out the feature of bespoke celebrations, a swarm of players, especially in online duels, couldn’t get enough of the cheeky ‘shush.’ It was the undeniable champion, be it after the opening whistle or in the game’s dying seconds.

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Things have changed over the years, though. Shushing was taken out at one point for being too toxic, so fans focused on dancing instead. Real-life stars have gotten some signature moves in-game too – Christian Pulisic’s Griddy, Heung-Min Son’s camera gesture, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s trademark Sui. 

With the start of EA Sports FC, there are a whole host of new celebrations too – including an additional set from real-world players. So, here’s what you need to know.

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Iwobi in EA FC 24EA Sports
There are a lot of celebrations to use in EA FC 24.

All new celebrations in EA FC 24 & how to do them

Amongst all the changes in-game FIFA 23 this year, celebrations are still working in the same way. Once you score, you’ll have a moment to wheel away and celebrate.

Celebrations are, primarily, still linked to the right stick and right triggers – no matter if you’re using an Xbox or PlayStation controller. 

The new celebrations this year include Alex Iwobi’s signature stand and finger point – that’s called Rock On -, there is also Toni Rudiger’s fake injury – called Faking It -, and Marcus Rashford’s point to head – that’s called Workout. All Ears is also a reference to Lionel Messi’s ear-cupping celebration.

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Faking ItL2 + Flick R3 left (x2)LT + Flick RS left (x2)
ByeL1 + R3LB + RS
Rock OnL2 + R3LT + RS
WheelL2 + Spin R3LT + Spin RS
All EarsL1 + TriangleLB + Y
FlexHold L1 + SquareHold LB + X
No LookR1 + Spin R3RB + Spin RS
Slide and ScratchL1 + Flick R3 left (x2)LB + Flick RS left (x2)
ThinkL2 + Square (x2)LT + X (x2)
PenguinR1 + Spin R3RB + Spin RS
Ronaldo’s NapX with RonaldoA with Ronaldo
Sam Kerr’s BackflipL2 + Spin R3LT + Spin RS
Asensio’s Finger LockSprint toward the cameraSprint towards the camera
Rashford’s SignatureX with RashfordA with Rashford
Ashley Barnes’ SignatureX with BarnesA with Barnes

There are also a host of new last-minute celebrations. However, these are more scripted in nature and can’t be triggered through any combination of controls.

You’ll have to run away from the goal, towards your manager, and the corner in order to see these. And, of course, score so late into the game as well. 

The classic celebrations from previous years remain the same too. So, if you’ve got a favorite from years gone by, you’ll be able to pull those off in the same. Hold up on the right stick to shush someone, of course. 

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That’s everything you need to know about the best and new celebrations available in EA FC 24. For more content on the EA Sports game, check the following guides.

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