EA FC 24 Career Mode: Best Tactical Vision to choose

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Tactical Visions are a new feature in EA FC 24, and before starting your adventure in Career Mode, you’ll need to pick the one your team will use. Here’s a complete rundown of all the potential Visions you can give your squad, as well as which ones are the best.

EA FC 24 has added a brand-new feature to Career Mode, which allows each manager to choose a way of playing and train their team to perfect it over time.

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So, if you would like to play like Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, you may choose Gegenpressing as your style. Pep Guardiola or Xavi may choose Tika Taka. Jose Mourinho may choose Park the Bus some weeks and then Counter Attack, depending on the opposition.

Now, let’s take a look at the best Tactical Vision you can pick when starting up your new save in the game.

Best Tactical Vision in EA FC 24 Career Mode

After extensively testing all of the different Tactical Vision options, we concluded Tika Taka and Gegenpressing are the most effective for EA FC’s single-player gameplay.

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Tika Taka

tika take ea fc 24EA SPORTS
Tika Take is one of the best Tactical Visions you could pick to dominate matches.

This setting is built around possession football, dominating games, and short passing, meaning players are often very close together in groups. The one-two interplay in EA FC is extremely effective and you can move fast with the ball to get in behind, with accurate passes. If you have the right players to execute this plan, with high short passing stats and pace, it is excellent.


gegenpressing ea fc 24EA SPORTS
Gegenpressing will put your opponents under more pressure than any other Tactical Vision.

This setting is all about high pressing and not giving opponents a chance to breathe. In previous games, this tactic has been quite risky on Ultimate Team especially, though winning the ball back in the final third and defending from the front really suits Career Mode gameplay. Your players will need high stamina all over the pitch to be successful with it.

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What are Tactical Visions in EA FC? Tactics setting explained

Tactical Vision is a brand-new feature in EA FC 24 Career Mode, and it is essentially the philosophy you would like to choose as a coach and it has a huge influence on your team’s strategy.

When scrolling the menus and choosing between the list for the very first time, it shows you the impact each style has on the depth and width of the side.

The two options above may not suit the hand you have been dealt, depending on the club, so don’t rule out the other options either.

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All Tactical Visions in EA FC 24

tactical visions ea fc 24EA SPORTS
Tactical Visions have a huge impact on how your team will operate in Career mode.

You have the choice of the following each time you take over a team in Manager Mode:

  • Standard
  • Tika Taka
  • Wing Play
  • Gegenpressing
  • Park The Bus
  • Counter Attack
  • Kick and Rush

You can add different members of the coaching staff to your backroom setup, too, which will improve the implementation of the Tactical Vision. These coaches can be picked for Attack, Midfield, Defence, and Goalkeeping.

Each department will be graded from Novice to Expert, too, so you’ll know exactly where to strengthen next time your wage budget increases.

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That’s all you need to know about EA FC 24 Tactical visions. For more guides, check out the list below:

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