Best training plans in EA FC 24: How to improve Fitness & Sharpness

David Purcell
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Players enjoying Career Mode in EA FC 24 will be receiving a lot more correspondence from their assistant manager this year and it will be crucial to use the right training plans if you want your team to succeed.

Career Mode in EA FC 24 isn’t just about working out the best formations and custom tactics this year as Tactical Visions have been introduced to add an extra element of strategy to the popular mode.

You can select your very own football philosophy with Tactical Visions in the game, and you’ll also have enhanced training methods available for improving the fitness and sharpness of all your players. It’s important to utilize these training plans as much as you can to keep your squad in the best shape.

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Here are the very best training plans to use in EA FC 24.

Best training plans in EA FC 24

training plans ea fc 24EA SPORTS
Picking the right training plan in EA FC 24 will improve fitness and sharpness issues.

The best training plans in EA FC 24 are definitely Performance-focused and Energy-focused. These two options will provide a boost to sharpness and fitness, respectively.

However, there may be other situations where an alternative could be a good option.

What does All-Out Energy & All-Out Performance do?

In extreme circumstances, such as a player in a race against time for fitness ahead of a final, you may choose to push the panic button. These options are All-Out energy and All-Out Performance.

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  • All-Out Energy: This training plan is aimed at player recovery. It greatly increases fitness of a player, but it can decrease sharpness – so make sure you use it when sharpness is at a high enough level to be worth the risk.
  • All-Out Performance: This training plan targets player performance by greatly increasing sharpness, while decreasing fitness.

Clearly, these two options have setbacks to them in the fact that they decrease another stat. Using them too much will be bad for the long-term fitness or sharpness of a player, so be selective when deploying it in your Career Mode.

training plans ea fc 24EA SPORTS
Each player has different needs when it comes to training plans. Choose wisely.

So, to recap:

How to increase sharpness in Career Mode

To improve the sharpness of your players in EA FC 24, you’re going to need to apply the All-Out Performance or Performance-Focused training plans.

How to increase fitness in Career Mode

To give a boost to the fitness of your players, apply the All-Out Energy or Energy-Focused training plan.

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