Disney Dreamlight Valley Vanellope: Everything we know

Jessica Filby
Disney Dreamlight Valley Vanellope

A new highly anticipated character is racing into Disney Dreamlight Valley, bringing her adorable yet sweet charm. But when is Vanellope von Schweetz coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley and what will she bring with her? Let’s take a look and find out.

There are tons of popular characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but few are as highly anticipated as the legendary racer, Vanellope von Schweetz. She’s been teased and demanded since the beginning of the game and now, thanks to a teaser, the Disney Princess will soon be making an arrival to the cozy game.

So, do we know when she’s going to be coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley, and what else will be announced along with her arrival? Here’s everything we know about Vanellope von Schweetz in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Do we know when Vanellope is coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

We don’t have a specific date to expect Vanellope, but we do know she’ll be coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley in the DreamSnaps update, thanks to an announcement Tweet by Gameloft.

There’s no word on when this update will arrive, but it will happen in between major updates, meaning we can likely expect to see it by the end of August at the latest.

What will be added along with Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

While there’s not been a specific statement regarding what’s being added along with Vanellope, we can assume it’ll be some brand new quests featuring the Wreck it Ralph star, perhaps an arcade-style realm where you’ll find the character, and almost certainly some new decor.

From the teaser image, we can see a sweet inspired race car and a new delicious-looking home, meaning new furniture and items for the premium shop are likely to be added.

When more information is released we will be updating this article, so be sure to check back soon. In the meantime, take a look at some of our other handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides and content:

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