What is Aspect of Disobedience in Diablo 4?: How to unlock the Legendary aspect

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 disobedience aspect

A legendary defensive-type aspect in Diablo 4, the Aspect of Disobedience should prove a boon to all who wield it. Here’s everything players need to know.

Aspects in Diablo 4 function as items that players can attach to their gear, a process that allows rare items to gain Legendary traits.

As of now, users can access aspects in two different ways. On one hand, an aspect can be extracted from a piece of Legendary gear. Aspects are also rewarded to players after clearing a Dungeon, and will then appear in the Codex of Power menu.

Notably, some aspects are class-specific while others boast a general use across all class types. Here’s everything players should know about one of the more interesting aspects – the Aspect of Disobedience.

What is Diablo 4’s Aspect of Disobedience?

The Aspect of Disobedience is a Legendary defensive item that all players, regardless of class, can unlock in their Codex of Power.

Equipping the Disobedience aspect lets a player gain 0.25% increased armor for 4 seconds when dealing any type of damage to enemies. This bonus can be stacked up to 15%, adding a solid boost to Armor stats.

Needless to say, this should work wonders for anyone who has builds prioritizing the likes of bleed and poison damage.

Where to find the Aspect of Disobedience?

Diablo 4 users interested in unlocking the Aspect of Disobedience must finish the Halls of the Damned Dungeon in Kehjistan.

Located on the easternmost side of the Kehjistan region, Halls of the Damned can be found northeast of the Tarsarak waypoint.

To finish the dungeon itself, players must Destroy the Idols of the Overseer and the Seaborn Goddess. Venturing to Sepulchrum marks the next step, followed by activating two levers, then activating the Monolith. Finally, players will have completed the dungeon upon defeating the Tomb Lord boss.

Once all is done, the Aspect of Disobedience should be found on the Codex of Power page in the Collections menu.

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