How to watch the Diablo 4 Season 1 Campfire Chat

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While Diablo 4 has mostly been a triumph for Blizzard, the fan response to the Season 1 update has been less positive. Now Blizzard will address the negative feedback in a Campfire Chat.

Reddit, Twitter, and various other social media sites have been ablaze with fan anger after the Diablo 4 Season 1 patch nerfed a bunch of moves, resulting in several builds being rendered close to redundant in the eyes of some players. Adam Fletcher, Diablo’s Global Community Development Director, has told fans to tune in to a Campfire Chat to talk more about the changes.

Of course, no Diablo player is likely to be best pleased when their formally overpowered build becomes more balanced. Although, some fans have clearly articulated why these nerfs are an issue and have called for Blizzard to reconsider.

diablo 4 season of the malignant art
Diablo 4 Season 1 is upon us.

While we don’t yet know what Blizzard will do about this very vocal backlash to their Season 1 patch, Joe Shely, associate game director Joseph Piepiora and Adam Fletcher will host the Campfire Chat on July 21 at 11 am PDT.

The team will discuss the feedback we’ve received from the community on Patch 1.1.0, and detail what’s on the horizon for Diablo IV.

You can watch the livestream on the official Diablo Twitch and YouTube channels.

While we don’t know what Blizzard will say about the current nerfs and subsequent fallout, the Campfire Chat will likely address the negative response directly.

Blizzard may walk back on some of the nerfs, or the company could explain the reasoning behind their decisions.

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