Diablo 4 players upset after “garbage” Siphoning Strike nerfs

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Rogue class from Diablo 4

Diablo 4 patch update 1.1.0 has nerfed the Rogue passive ability called Siphoning Strikes. This has led to some Rogue players getting frustrated.

Siphoning Strike is a passive ability for the Rogue class in this game that heals the player upon landing a critical hit on an enemy. The ability was among a few that were nerfed in patch 1.1.0 of Diablo 4. This will impact various Rogue builds and will make some players’ characters feel less impactful than before.

Some players vented their frustration on a Reddit post with one saying they thought the nerf is “garbage”. Several players have also expressed their annoyance in a thread full of Rogue enthusiasts. See below:

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Diablo 4 players feel that Siphoning Strike nerf will hurt sustainability.

The same player who claimed that the nerf is “garbage” also claimed that “it is a massive nerf to sustainability” and that the reduction in power to Siphoning Strikes “was completely unwarranted” while explaining their reasoning to another user.

In the detailed breakdown shown above, the user explains why this makes his and other Rogue builds redundant. However, we’re yet to see Blizzard’s explanation to why this may not be the case. After all, moves are usually only nerfed for a reason.

Another player posted on the Diablo 4 subreddit that “Guess my rogue will just die then” as they showcased their frustration.

A player named Budget-Artichoke went a little further with the topic claiming that “rng heals smh ridiculous dev team”. They also ended the post with a disgruntled remark saying “Thanks for the fun one month of fun I guess”.

Finally, a player named Helpful-Squash made a post asking “Why nerf Siphoning strikes on rogue?”. The player claims that “my paper thin rogue will die if someone sneezes” as they showcased their frustration.

As it stands, the developers have not responded to the backlash from the fans regarding this nerf. However, if there is any further development regarding this matter, then we will update you with the details.