How to get Wicked Implement catalyst in Destiny 2

Kurt Perry
The Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle from Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 introduced the Wicked Implement in Season of the Deep, an Exotic Scout Rifle that slows targets down after landing a precision hit. Furthermore, it has a catalyst that makes it even better. Here’s how to get Wicked Implement catalyst in Destiny 2.

Throughout Season 21 there had been rumors of a new Exotic weapon launching mid-season. Players began to get especially excited when a series of unique Broken items related to fishing appeared.

It turns out that these items are a part of something bigger, a quest to get a new Exotic gun. Now more and more players are acquiring the Stasis Rifle but aren’t sure how to unlock its catalyst.

To help you out we’ve put together this guide on how to get Wicked Implement catalyst in Destiny 2.


First combat encounter of Deep Dives seasonal activity in Destiny 2.
Just like the weapon itself, the Wicked Implement catalyst can be found in Deep Dives.

What does Wicked Implement catalyst do?

The Wicked Implement Catalyst grants the Exotic Scout Rifle a Stasis variant of Overflow. When equipped, collecting a Stasis shard gradually reloads and overflows the magazine with each Stasis shard collected adding five rounds to the magazine.

This catalyst isn’t too useful for DPS but it does help Wicked Implement freeze enemies as the additional shots give it a more forgiving window to trigger the effect. It’s especially helpful when trying to freeze multiple enemies quickly or repeatedly stun champions.

How to get Wicked Implement catalyst

The Wicked Implement catalyst is a guaranteed drop after completing a Tier 7 Deep Dive. Alternatively, it drops rarely after completing lower-tier Deep Dives.

A Tier 7 run is done by finishing a full run of Deep Dives after beginning all three Pressure Trials and successfully clearing each encounter.

Be aware that this is a fairly difficult task that you are unlikely to complete in a public lobby. For the best chances, it is highly recommended to either use LFG tools to find a suitable fireteam or party up with friends.

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